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More Than A Mountaintop Experience

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After every one of our camp experiences we encourage students to take home a challenge booklet. This summer our challenge booklet contained twentyfive daily lessons designed for students to spend time in the Bible much like they did during camp. The goal is to keep them close to the heart of Jesus and help ensure […]

The Purpose Behind the Fun

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  People often ask how we create such powerful programs for students at Mount Hermon. The first step is having a creative team of gifted people. God has blessed Mount Hermon Youth with an incredible team of people. This team follows a template for creating themed programs. The process starts with the Bible. #1: One […]

2013 Summer Staff Vision

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18 years ago, I was on Mount Hermon’s summer staff at Ponderosa Lodge. It was my first official paid ministry job and it was amazing! I still remember what God did in, and through, me that summer. At times, I felt overwhelmed because of my responsibilities. Oftentimes, I didn’t feel think I could be, and […]

A Private Faith is A Deficient Faith

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In a little over a month, I will head back out to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for the second residency of the Doctor of Ministry program where I am studying “Ministry to Emerging Generations.” Recently, we have been studying God and culture and it has been enlightening! I have always been aware of the powerful influence […]

Interns Make an Impact

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Mount Hermon is known for creating amazing camp experiences.  What many people don’t know is that Mount Hermon also has an extraordinary intern program.  Every year, 13-15 post-college young adults are hired from all over the nation to work in 6 different departments at Mount Hermon.  Our interns have significant responsibility in the ministry that […]

CILT :: A Student’s Perspective

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Mount Hermon will always be near and dear to my heart because it is where Christ pursued me to be His disciple. This past summer, I experienced Ponderosa Lodge from an entirely new perspective; I was a CILT. CILT, or Campers in Leadership Training, is a two week program in which high school students are trained to share the love of God with junior highers

Ponderosa Lodge :: A Student’s Story

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Mount Hermon’s Ponderosa Lodge is safe. My heart is secure in the Lord because of the people He surrounded me with there. Those people have helped me keep my camp high moving and getting better. Through them, I see God’s grace and God’s love. Thank you, Ponderosa Lodge.

Beyond the 28 Day Challenge :: Oct 24

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Monday’s Mount Hermon Youth “Beyond the 28 Day Challenge” Bible passages are 2 Kings 5 and 1 Timothy 2. Feel free to share what God is teaching you in the comment section below or on our facebook page. You can download a pdf of the entire Bible reading plan by clicking here.  We are currently on year 1 of […]