Update on Lockheed Fire as of 8/15/09 at 9pm

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Little bit of smoke today, but not unusual for an event like this one. We are in full operation and all should come. All major routes to the camp are open and un-affected – 9, 17, and Graham Hill. Should smoke become an issue we will adjust programming as needed in consultation with our Program Directors and Health Services staff. Our Nurses will contact any parents of kids with respiratory issues should concern develop. Please come and enjoy a great week at Mount Hermon.

Lockheed Fire Update: Friday, 8/14, 10am

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The fire has grown, but it is still no threat to Mount Hermon at this time and likely never will be.  Everything is going smoothly here under blue skies.  You can use our webcam to see for your self! Keep praying for those in Bonny Doon who are evacuated and for the staff who are volunteer fire fighters on the line.

Lockheed Fire Update: 8/13 at 5:08pm

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We have seen a shift in the wind to the south east so we are seeing some smoke and ash from central camp. We called and again spoke directly to a Felton Fire Captain at 5pm. He indicated the fire is 10 miles from our location and there is no need for concern at this time. Everything is “normal.” here. Nurses have been instructed to call any parents of kids with respiratory issues in the event air quality is reduced, so you do not need to call them. The air quality is good.

Lockheed Fire Update – 2:45pm, 8/13

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The fire is blowing south towards Davenport NOT east towards Mount Hermon. Pray for Audrey, one of our Ponderosa Cooks, who is out there fighting it as well as the other firefighters. The Felton Fire Chief is not worried about Mount Hermon at all right now.

Lockheed Fire Update: Aware but not notified of any immediate danger

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“Mount Hermon Christian Camp and Conference Center is aware of a fire that is burning in the Bonny Doon location.  Currently we have NOT been notified by the Felton Fire Department that the camp is in any danger.  We are aware this condition could change over time.  Please understand that the fire would have to travel through the town of Felton, over highway 9, across the valley, across streams, and through the fire resistant Redwoods to become a direct physical threat.  Camp leadership has notified all staff of the fire.  In order to keep our lines free, please pass this information to concerned family members of other guests.  Please continue to pray for this emergency.   It is        Thursday, August 13, 2009             at        9 am    .  You may monitor our web site for further updates at www.mounthermon.org.”
ONLY, If they ask about our evacuation plans, you can share…
“We have extensive plans in place that we could use to evacuate any of our camps.  If notified by Felton Fire Department, we would use pre-determined evacuation transportation and shelter locations that are ready to aid us in the unlikely event we would ever have to evacuate.  These locations and means would be dependant on the situation at the time of notice.  We have rosters of all campers at all our sites and would verify them if there becomes any indication we might besked to evacuate.”

Mount Hermon Christian Camp and Conference Center is aware of a fire that is burning in the Bonny Doon location. Currently we have NOT been notified by the Felton Fire Department that the camp is in any danger. We are aware this condition could change over time. Please understand that the fire would have to travel through the town of Felton, over Highway 9, across the valley, across streams, and through the fire resistant Redwoods to become a direct physical threat.

Camp leadership has notified all staff of the fire. In order to keep our lines free, please pass this information to concerned family members of other guests. Please continue to pray for this emergency. You may monitor our web site here for further updates.

With all your hearts and minds

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by PJ Boyd

As we continue along with our journey of having a better understanding of what worship is let me tell you a quick story.  In the early weeks of college career at Bethany University, I attended a chapel service.  At this time, I was still new to Bethany University, trying to find friends, fit in with a good group of friends, and so on and so forth.  So I am sitting in the service, and there is point in the musical worship service when people were singing and talking in different languages, tones, off key, eyes were closed and hands were in the air.  And as seconds passes by it seemed everybody was getting louder and louder.  And at the same time, I couldn’t concentrate on praying.  But over the course of time I would come to learn and appreciate that this is a worship style.  Sure we may have different views of what worship is but the most important thing about what we do when we worship is keeping God first and having Him in our thoughts.  So if I could encourage everyone to try and worship God in a different way to change a pace with our normal lives maybe by spending time in solitude, writing in a journal, when singing songs closing your eyes and raising your hands, take a nature walk with God, spend time in prayer, playing the guitar and letting words flow out.  Again these are only examples not the only ways of worshiping our Heavenly Father.


Worship God with all your hearts and minds.


Good Luck!

~Patrick Boyd

Got it Pegged! She nailed it on the head!

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Ever wonder where the saying “You nailed it on the head” came from?  Or “She pegged me?”

I wonder about the weirdest things.  Maybe you do too…

But when I did some sleuthing, I couldn’t find a clear response to the etymology of the sayings.

You may be wondering what got me to be thinking about these sayings.  I have a good reason.  Really.  Trust me.

I was pondering the story in Judges 4:17-24.  It is an awkward story- to say the least.  It doesn’t fit the picture of the image of the nice religious woman we have in our minds.  It doesn’t fit the profile of femininity that our twenty-first century religious preconceptions feel comfortable with.

The story makes us cringe.  It repulses some of us.

It is about a woman named Jael who found herself unexpectedly hostessing an evil and oppressive army commander named Sisera.  This evil man wanted to hide from the slaughter on the battlefield and the reality that his day of reckoning was at hand.   He runs to a tent where he is received by the woman Jael in the appropriate cultural position of being kind and hospitable to strangers.

He went to this seemingly innocuous woman wanting her to serve, protect and hide him.  His expectations of her and her position were misguided.  What she did was she picked up a tent peg and a hammer and went quietly to him while he lay fast asleep, exhausted. She drove the peg through his temple into the ground, and he died.”


Gross!  Ugh.  Are you kidding me?!?  How could she do this?  Is this really in the Bible?  Is this woman really honored and sung about as a hero?  Yup!

So what can we learn from this story?  Is this just about a historical military defeat and how a woman finished off the army commander?  I don’t think so.  I believe we can learn some valuable and applicable lessons for today.

Sometimes we are called to do things that are, well, rather unpleasant.  We might be called to stand up to injustice and evil in very dynamic ways.  But we come up with excuses as to why we are not the right one to do the job.

I doubt Jael considered herself a warrior, executioner, or soldier.  She was “just” a woman living in a tent.  But being a tent dweller was what God needed in order to bring justice to a very oppressive situation.  In this nomadic culture, setting up tents was considered woman’s work.  So Jael was very comfortable with the tent peg and hammer.

Have you ever had to do something that was awkward?  You know- uncomfortable?  Made you ill at ease?  But you knew it was the right thing to do.

God didn’t ask Jael to do something he didn’t equip her for.  When God calls us to a task, he also provides what we need to do the assignment.  He also gives us the strength to do the things that are, well, not glorious tasks.  He gives us the faith and courage to enter into situations that are dangerous and frightening, awkward, or just plain uncomfortable.

Jael used what she had to do justice in the face of evil (no pun intended), and to be merciful to those who were oppressed.
“He has shown all you people what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”                            Micah 6:8

When we think of Jael we should shout out, “you nailed it!’ meaning that she absolutely got it right.   When we respond to injustice we are to use what God has given us and peg it, nail it on the head…

Maybe it was Jael who coined those phrases…


Teen Track Growing Already for 2010 Writers

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Today I had a phone call from a Christian school teacher who is already planning on bringing her journalism class to the Teen Track at the Spring Writers Conference!!!! I’m so excited. She is planning on starting the school year off with cupcake sales each Friday to start raising money right out of the shoot! What a great idea. Yeah, Mrs. Thompson!

Are there more folks out there who have connections with Christian school administrators, or English department heads that could so some “word-of-mouth” marketing for us? It would be great to have a whole lot of teenagers here learning along with all us adults, wouldn’t it? If you have any ideas, or can connect me with administrators who might have the authority to let students take the time away from school and perhaps even get credit for it, let me know. Happy to talk with them. My e-mail is Rachel.williams@mounthermon.org or my direct phone is 831-430-1238. Let’s fill the place . . . and gain a huge increase in teens for 2010.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

2010 Writers Conference Keynoter Announced

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Charlie Peacock may be best known for his creativity as a singer-songwriter, pianist, record producer, but in addition to his successful music career, he is a published author, speaker and noted expert at the intersection of Christianity and the Arts.

Charlie’s writing includes the discipleship book, New Way to Be Human, and his analysis of Christian music, At The Crossroads, both published by Waterbrook Press/Random House.  As a columnist, Charlie has writtten for CCM, Christian Musician, and Worshipper Magazines, with articles in ByFaith, Prism, and Re:generation Quarterly.  He has also been cited in First Things, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Mix, Electronic Musician, Keyboard Magazine, Billboard, CCM, Melody Maker, Details, Publishers Weekly, Paste, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and others.

Sara Groves:  “I like a lot of things about Charlie Peacock, but my favorite thing is his joy.  It pours out into his music, production, writing and friendships.  He is preoccupied with the Kingdom, how it works, and how it is meant to come to us, and because of this, his books, his music and his life are full of fruit and clues about kingdom living.”

Denis D. Haack, Ransom Fellowship, editor of Critique:  “Few people have the necessary gifts to communicate wonder in both music and words, and Charlie Peacock is one of those rare artists.  In both the poetry of his lyrics and the thoughtful prose of his books, he asks just the right questions so that we see more deeply.  Those hungry to be fully human will gravitate to New Way to Be Human, not because Charlie is clever (though he is), but because his heart and imagination is aflame with The Story that brings both grace and hope in our fragmented world.”

Charlie and his wife, author Andi Ashworth, co-founded Art House America in 1990 — a ministry of hospitality, art, and Christian studies, whose primary mission is the advancement of the integration of arts and the Christian faith for the benefit of the Church and the culture at large.

Rachel Williams Co-author for Don Miller’s New Book?

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How do you feel about viral marketing?

I first read a couple of months ago that one of our Writers Conference alumni, Mary Hampton, was a “co-author” to Don’s new book. Wow! I fell for it and congratulated Mary on FB. Then this morning on FB I saw that another alumni and mentor for our Head Start mentoring clinic this spring, Tricia Goyer, was the co-author! Being exceptionally bright, I murmured, “Something’s fishy here.”

I did some research and, behold, Thomas Nelson personnel blogging about “You too can be a co-author with Don Miller”! Fill in the blanks and add a comment about working with Don — and “walla” . . . Don’s wakky idea for marketing to get the title of his book out there in the public. So I said to myself, “Self, why not just for fun? And make it silly so people would know it was a joke.”

Check it out at: Rachel Williams Co-author for Don Miller’s New Book

How close to the line should we go for marketing? Does this sell books or merely bring laughs and build community around humor? Good questions to ponder in your spare time today. Let me know how you feel about this.

Totally apart from viral marketing . . . how are you doing on your saving program for 2010 Writers? Faculty are already being invited and I’m waiting for some specific information on our keynote speaker so that I can let the secret out. It’s going to be something special and different. Can’t wait. Hope you’re excited, too. Check the website in the next couple of weeks for the denouement!