Horse Game Day

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May 20, 2017Kidder Creek | Kidder Creek

Ranch 17 - four horse riders
Ranch 17 - teenage horse rider
Ranch 17 - smiling little girl walking horse
Horse Game Day 17 - noodles

Fundraiser for Kidder Creek Ranch Camp

This is going to be a day of fun for the horseman and horse of every level. Come show off your horse's skills on Kidder Creek's trail course featuring several obstacles to prove your horse's agility in hand and under saddle. Obstacles will include walking over stacked tractor tires, a platform and many other fun challenges. This is a great opportunity to see what Kidder Creek has to offer. You will enjoy our relaxed atmosphere and the fellowship of like minded horsemen.

In hand and mounted divisions will be scored by judges at each obstacle.  

Awards will be provided by local businesses for top scores in each division.

After lunch, the games begin! Riders will have the opportunity to compete in Egg & Spoon, Pole Bending and Barrel Racing.

All proceeds will be used to purchase a new lesson horse for Ranch Camp that will be enjoyed by kids attending summer ranch camp programs.  Come and help make a difference in the lives of young horsemen!

Lady on horse


8:30AMCheck In
12:00PMLunch (provided for an extra charge of $7.50)
5:30PMEvent ends


Ages 7+

Horses must be UTD with at least West Nile + EWT (West Nile + 2-way Sleeping Sickness + Tet) and wormed. Horses must be sound.

All riders under 18 years old must wear an SEI Certified helmet and be accompanied by an adult.


$20Horse for one division