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A Note From JR

August 2017

Have you ever had “a moment” where the Lord gently reminds you just how important something is? Last week the sharing at Victory Circle on Friday night of Family Camp really affected me. May these two examples from that night encourage and affirm you as they did me!

My name is Santino and this is my wife Shauna. We are here on a military campership. This year, I may have seen my family all of about thirty days. I can count on one hand all the times I have been home for one of my wife’s birthdays and we have been married for 15 years. Being in the military is hard on my family, but Mount Hermon is a wonderful Christ-centered place to be together. We have come together as a family with Christ in the middle of it!

My name is Loni and my husband passed away four months ago. My daughter said, “Mom, I pack, you go.” I said, “I don’t know where to go.” She said, “Just pack and go.” Then when I got here it was so pretty, so nice…I thought I was taken to heaven. I am so comfortable here and so happy. The people were so nice here. I keep coming with my daughter. Thank you to everyone here. My English is not that well.

My name is Breean, and Loni is my mom. She and my whole family are non-believers. It has been a long season of prayer for them to come. I thank everyone who we shared with how Mom is a non-believer, they all prayed. I believe in prayer. God has spoken to Mom’s heart; she loves this place and can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Everywhere she goes she feels peace. The peace that passes all understanding. I praise God and thank him that he brought her here. We may not know where things go from here, but Mom says she will come back. I thank you so much.

Thank You for your gift. For over 110 years, God has worked at Mount Hermon to transform hundreds of thousands of lives. Thanks to you, many more men and women, boys and girls are going to meet the God they have been looking for right here at Mount Hermon. Impacting lives for Jesus Christ - that is what it is all about. We thank you!

For King & Kingdom,

J.R. Loofbourrow
Vice President of Advancement

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Give to the Roger E. Williams Memorial Fund

Roger Williams

Roger believed in the future of Mount Hermon.

Roger faithfully served as the President and CEO from September, 1993 until September, 2014, when he went home to be with the Lord. He succumbed to complications from the cancer that he called “his insidious dance partner.” Despite his pain, he handled the choreography with grace and transparency. His courage, cheer and selflessness made an indelible impression on thousands of people.

Roger will be remembered for his many personal and professional accomplishments, but mostly he will be remembered for how he loved Jesus and loved people. We gratefully honor Roger and glorify God, who blessed us with his friendship and leadership. We thank the Lord that he allowed Roger to serve as our visionary and capable leader for more than twenty years.

A memorial fund has been established at to help Mount Hermon achieve the envisioned future Williams articulated so eloquently.

Financial Reports

Mount Hermon Financial Information
To provide financial transparency, attached is a summary of Mount Hermon’s key financial statements for the last few years.

Should you have any questions about the status of Mount Hermon’s finances, please don’t hesitate to contact Mike Perez, Finance Director, at 831.430.1221

Advancement Team

  • Dave

  • JR

  • Kerry

  • Andrew Summers


  • Karen Crist


Our Mission

The Advancement Team seeks to minister to everyone who partners with Mount Hermon by building and sustaining relationships with them. Money issues appear four times more than faith or prayer in the Bible and one of every six verses in the Gospels talks about money. In light of this, and in acknowledgment of the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we will:

  • Ask the Lord to make our consciences sensitive to His leading in stewardship decisions.
  • Search the Scriptures diligently to discover the Lord’s will in regard to stewardship practices.
  • Bring to the Lord in prayer difficult stewardship decisions.
  • Honor Christ by building up relationships between ourselves and those who are actively participating with Mount Hermon.

How We Will Fulfill Our Mission

  • By sharing Mount Hermon’s impact and vision.
  • By serving those who the Lord brings to Mount Hermon.
  • By praying that the Holy Spirit will bless these relationships, which are the resources God uses to meet our needs.
  • By encouraging our friends to financially support and advocate on behalf of Mount Hermon.

May God help us diligently pursue each of these through His Spirit, by His grace and for His glory.

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