A stirring, a quickening, a sense of anticipation

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All kinds of people come to Mount Hermon. People who are hurting, lost and broken. People who are healthy, eager and excited. People who know exactly what they want and are looking for, and people who arrive by providence, not knowing how they came to be here or why.

One thing they all have in common is that once they turn onto Conference Drive they experience a stirring, a quickening, a sense of anticipation. Everyone senses that something special is about to happen and the electricity in the air causes goosebumps.

Our new President, Mike Romberger experienced this in a new way. He recently shared at a staff breakfast:

“I often hear from the staff that Friday night at Victory Circle is their favorite time of the week, as they listen to the wonderful testimonies of what God has done in people’s lives during Family Camp. This certainly is a very rewarding night to hear of God’s work in people’s lives. But for me I found that my favorite time of the week is Sunday evening when people are arriving at camp in anticipation of a great week ahead. There is a buzz in the air as people arrive on the Meadow. They have been anticipating coming to Mount Hermon for months and now they have finally arrived! The kids are excited to jump in a bounce house and get their face painted while the adults are grateful for a week ahead to reconnect with family, friends and God. As a camper I remember that same feeling as we arrived with great anticipation year after year!”

I know exactly what Mike is talking about! That sense of anticipation, expectation, hopefulness, eagerness and longing is palpable. You can feel it in the air and read it on the faces of guests from nine to ninety. I believe it is about far more than looking forward to a fun week with family and friends.


It’s the certainty that something unique and special is about to happen in this place where the veil between things seen and things unseen is so thin.

I believe this is the posture of each person who comes to Mount Hermon, whether it’s to the mountains of Kidder Creek, the sandhills surrounding Ponderosa Lodge, the creeks of Redwood Camp or the redwood groves of the Conference Center. Each man, woman and child comes expectantly, and knows upon arrival that there is something different about this place and they will leave here changed.


“I can’t wait to see all the great things that happen, all the motivation, perseverance and persistence that comes and allows us to keep running our races.”

“I learned something on the Sequoia ropes course. We tested the harness before we got on. We know that it is made for our safety but when you get up there the real test is actually trusting it. It’s the same with God. I know that He’s there and I know that He will help me. When it comes to testing it, am I willing to put it to the test? Will I actually fall and let Him catch me or am I going to hold on to what I think is stronger than He is?”

Sometimes when we are in that space of expectation there is a tinge of nervousness mixed in with all the good stuff. Will we be able to live up to what God calls us to? Will we have to give up something that seems important to us, or face something in ourselves that needs to change? When we sense that God is inviting us to meet with Him we don’t know what that next step holds, but there is one thing we know for sure, that God will be there. He is with us on each side of every threshold and in the going through. In Psalm 139:5 David says to the Lord, “You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.”

In some ways it feels like Mount Hermon itself is in a space like that. If an organization, like a person, can experience a place of attentiveness, listening, eagerness… then that is where we are. Changing culture, new leadership, new ways to reach out to people who have no idea who Jesus is or how much He loves them, new vision, new strategies, new facilities, fresh wind, fresh fire. I for one can’t wait to see what God has for us in the months and years ahead.


“Mount Hermon has become a sacred space for me. The moment I drive up to the registration desk, I can feel the cares of the world falling away and immediately I have this connection of ‘this is where I meet with the Lord.’”

“God is in this place and He’s speaking to us, challenging us, and drawing us nearer to Him. Watching my children get nearer to Him has been a huge, huge blessing”

As you consider your giving, I invite you to spend some time in prayer reflecting upon God’s goodness to the people He draws to Mount Hermon. People of all ages and walks of life with all kinds of needs, hopes and desires. People who come longing, expecting to meet with Jesus, and go away different, refreshed, transformed.

We need the help of literally thousands of people to create the spaces and experiences where our guests meet with God. Every gift is used strategically to ensure that no opportunity is missed to help our guests recognize the threshold before them and take the next step, on their journey, closer to Jesus. Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration of what part you might play.

If you would like to talk about what’s next for Mount Hermon, praying with us and seeking God for how He might use you to partner with us and Him as we take our next steps as an organization, give me a call. That same sense of electricity in the air that we feel on Sunday nights tells me that something cool is about to happen, and patience, attentiveness, prayer and leaning into God will show us the way.

For King and Kingdom,

J.R. Loofbourrow
Director of Advancement

Mount Hermon can now accept non-cash donations!

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Mount Hermon can now accept non-cash donations!

Give a noncash giftMake a cash donation to this project

Thanks for helping us build the future!