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Campers arrive soon, and we need your help!

As a parent, I have seen first-hand the impact of camp in a kid’s life. My sons attended Redwood Camp and Ponderosa Lodge and the difference it made in their lives was undeniable. For all campers, time spent with a counselor and cabin mates, extended time in the Word, and the freedom to explore their faith in new ways combine for a powerful experience that results in one thing: Lives Transformed.

I am grateful for the counselors who invested in each of my sons, and I am grateful for Mount Hermon’s generous supporters who made the experience possible.

I recently came across a note from last summer. I believe it beautifully exemplifies the kind of transformation that happens at Mount Hermon:


"When my son Robbie got home from camp he started reading his Bible in his room -- I went in and found him crying - he said "I don't want to sound cheesy mom but I'm crying because I know that Jesus died for me, for all of us.” He had his own moments wrestling with that realization, and talked with me about how being at camp helped him to know how much Jesus loves him!"

Campers arrive soon, and we need your help!

I want to get camp ready for campers!Show me other ways I can help.


That is amazing, and we see these stories every day! Here are just a few of the thousands of comments we receive from campers at Redwood Camp and Ponderosa Lodge:

  • "I learned that literally nothing can separate me from God’s love. Especially through my suffering."

  • "I learned that nothing that exists is ever gonna stop God from loving me!"

  • "Me and God are inseparable even when I choose to do bad."

  • "I love the vibe here and the ability to openly worship God with my peers and make new friends along the way."


As a faith-based ministry, Mount Hermon relies on the generosity of many supporters to make the camp experience possible. Camp and conference fees do not cover everything it takes to run all these programs. When you give to Mount Hermon, you make ministry possible. You are giving to Robbie and the thousands of others who eagerly await a life-changing encounter with Jesus. 

This is where we need you! 

As we make the final preparations for this summer, I must share a mission-critical need we have: your support of the Mount Hermon Annual Fund.

Our Annual Fund is at the very heart of Mount Hermon, and makes the camp experience possible for everyone who attends. It provides for:

· The facility improvements that create the sacred spaces at camp

· The gap between camper fees and what it takes to run and make our programs the best

· More than $300,000 extended each year in camperships. 

Your gift to our Annual Fund is a gift of transformation. All of the 85,000 guests and campers who attend Mount Hermon each year are touched by the Annual Fund. Without it, camp simply would not be possible! 


Will you prayerfully consider a gift to our Mount Hermon Annual Fund? Your gift will have an impact on thousands of lives just like Robbie. We need your help and I Thank You in advance for your generous support. We are looking forward to another incredible summer of ministry, and for more campers like Robbie to encounter Jesus and see their Lives Transformed!

For King and Kingdom,

 J.R. Loofbourrow
Vice President of Advancement

P.S. Your gift by June 15 will be greatly appreciated and ensure the biggest impact before camp begins. 

Campers arrive soon, and we need your help!

I want to get camp ready for campers!Show me other ways I can help.