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It's time to retire our most well-worn vehicles

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Anything is possible when
someone comes to
Mount Hermon.

We are reveling in the recent memories of what God did in the lives of our guests this summer. It was an awesome season! Not only did we serve more than 10,000 guests at our youth and family camps, we saw their lives changed forever by God’s tremendous grace. Hundreds of testimonies have poured in from various sources, with adults, kids and youth sharing about how Jesus met them and drew them close to him. Powerful!

Camp is hard work and takes a toll. Fall is when we recoup a little and assess where we need to replenish ministry resources. This year we have become aware of an urgent need that I want to share with you.

Vehicles. We could not have reached people for Jesus without vehicles. We could not have changed linens in our 182 guest units at the conference center. We could not have promoted programs, recruited staff and built relationships with churches. We could not have maintained facilities. We could not have shuttled guests who had mobility challenges. We could not have catered food to Redwood Camp or shuttled kids to the river. We could not have met with donors to tell them the story of what God is doing and thank them for their part.

Vehicles are
mission critical

During the recession we decided to hang on to vehicles we might have retired in easier times, and now the fleet is showing its age. Our maintenance team and our mechanic are amazingly good stewards, doing an admirable job of keeping us on the road. But the average age of a Mount Hermon vehicle right now is 14 years. That’s 3 to 4 years older than the average of vehicles on the roads of America. We have reached the point where we would prefer not to pour resources into limping assets. It’s time to invest in some newer vehicles.

Answers: L. all of the above, D. 150,000

Without road-worthy vehicles
ministry grinds to a halt

Our most urgent need is for three road-worthy vans and two mid-sized, light-duty pick-up trucks. As the Lord provides these crucial vehicles, they will go directly to front-line ministry. Perhaps you have or know of a vehicle like these that could be given as a gift-in-kind. Or perhaps you are in a position to contribute funds that we can use to purchase good used vehicles. Any way that you can help is welcome!

Thank you in advance for keeping us moving forward in this very tangible way. May God bless you as we work together to see lives transformed!

For King and Kingdom,

JR Loofbourrow
Director of Advancement

P.S. October is when we plan financially for next year. If we can hear from you by October 15, we may be able to divert critical resources to other ministry needs. Please help us cross vehicles off the list so that we can maximize the use of funds for other strategic areas.

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