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Thank You For Being a Part of Lives Transformed!

As we look back at this year, it is clear that your support of this ministry is making a significant impact for the Kingdom.


“I love the fact that the staff here is so open to the guidance through the Holy Spirit to speak what needs to be spoken and the fact that their focus is on God, showing who He is and showing His love. You’ve been doing it for the last century, keep it up for the next century…the world really needs it.”

  • 80,000+
    guests encountered Mount Hermon

  • 9,041
    summer campers attended camp

  • 400+
    children & teens made first time faith commitment

  • 892
    camperships were awarded

  • 460
    churches & organizations

  • 2,379
    donors gave financial support


“Each year I realize as our kids are getting older and becoming teenagers that there are so many things that pull them away and tempt them in the world. I want them to know that this is a safe place. They can come here no matter what has happened during the year. They can connect with the Lord and with family. This is where healing will take place.”

Please Consider Giving Financially

The ministry of Mount Hermon is dependent on generous financial gifts. These gifts translate into opportunities to create programs and partner with churches and organizations to be able to share and model Jesus in ways that result in lives transformed.

I'll give to impact generations.

“Something that I have really been struggling with over the past year is knowing what it means to really accept Jesus into your heart. I have grown up in a Christian family and I’ve always had faith in my life, so I never really understood what that meant. I had so many questions. I now know what that means. I know what I need to do. That has made a difference in my life.”


Your Gift Will Impact Generations for Generations

We look forward to the next year of this legacy. Mount Hermon has been and will always be, about one thing: Lives Transformed. This is the foundation that has been laid so the work can continue to minister to generations for generations.

I'll give to impact generations.

A note from Mike

Mike Romberger

Dear Mount Hermon Family,

Just the other day, as I was driving home into Mount Hermon, I rolled down my windows and took in the unique smell of redwoods coupled with a hint of the ocean in the air. That deep breath filled me with the wonderment of this sacred space that God set aside over 100 years ago. That deep breath filled me with gratefulness for this place that God has used to meet me at critical points along my journey with Him.

I imagine you have had a similar experience, feeling profoundly grateful for the way the Lord has used Mount Hermon in your life. Looking through this year in review, I find myself deeply humbled to be a part of a ministry where lives are transformed every day! I have been reflecting on the many incredible things we’ve seen this year, and in doing so, there are a few, in particular, that stand out to me:

Multi-generational Impact

Where else can you go where 7, 17, 37, 57 and 77-year-olds come together and share such a unique experience being equally impacted by God? Whether it’s at Kidder Creek, Redwood Camp, Ponderosa Lodge or here at the Conference Center, there is a program, curriculum, and experience designed to meet you and members of your family right where you are in your journey with Jesus.

Uncompromised Biblical Teaching

In the midst of a culture that has strayed far from biblical truth, Mount Hermon continues holding fast to an unwavering commitment to the Truth and Authority of God’s Word. The Bible unapologetically remains our foundation, and I am committed to keeping strong biblical teaching, which is Spirit-filled, as the cornerstone of the Mount Hermon experience for everyone.

Lives Transformed

In our summer children’s and youth camps over 400 children and teenagers gave their lives to Jesus Christ for the first time. Wow! That number does not include all the children, youth, and adults who gave their lives to Jesus at Family Camps, Mount Hermon sponsored conferences and numerous guest groups throughout the year. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

Will you join with me to ensure that Mount Hermon will be able to minister to generations for generations? Please prayerfully consider a generous financial gift. I believe the Lord will use your generous gift to strengthen Mount Hermon’s far-reaching ministry to all ages. Together, we will hold fast to uncompromising biblical teaching that results in Lives Transformed!

With gratefulness and love,

P.S. To enjoy the full tax benefit for 2017, please make your gift by December 31.

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Please consider giving
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I'll give to impact
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