Current Need

Child Care Needs A New Deck

The Child Care Deck at Conference Center needs to be replaced
Since 1983 over 100,000 children have played on this deck, and boy is it tired
The decking marterial on the top of the Child Care deck is rotten and splintery
This ministry zone impacts young & old alike

Operating each week as a preschool during the year and serving families of infants, toddlers and preschoolers each day during the summer.

This project will provide

square feet of secure decking play space.


square feet of securely fenced play yard.

and will feature

All new splinter free redwood decking.


New concrete bases.


10 new main support beams.


A reused and refurbished existing steel railing.


Protective membranes to shed rain and extend the life of the structure.


New fencing and fence posts, including new concrete bases for posts.


Together we can build a new deck that will enable another 100,000 kids to jump, roll, dance, and crawl to their hearts' content. Thank you for joining with us to make this project a reality.

We need your help to replace the deck.
Help keep these ministry moments safe and welcoming.
We're ready to start. Thanks for helping make a new Child Care deck happen.