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Announcing the Mount Hermon Redwood Society

In 2013 Mount Hermon announced the formation of the Redwood Society, to honor friends who have provided a gift in their estate for the future of this ministry. Over 196 families and individuals have joined us since then. This has been a tremendous encouragement to the Board of Directors and Staff.

David Talbott directs the Redwood Society, and can discuss gifting opportunities and recommend professionals who can help you with wise planning.  Please feel free to contact him at, and to let us know if you have remembered Mount Hermon in your estate plan, so we can say thank you and enroll you as a member.

An Invitation from Dave Talbott

Dave & Carla Talbott
David & Carla Talbott

Carla and I have been regular donors to Mount Hermon for all of our 45 years of marriage.  So when we revised our wills and family trust, it was natural for us to include Mount Hermon to receive part of our estate when we’re gone.

So it was also predictable that when we started talking about identifying and honoring those who have done the same thing, that I would want to be involved in the Redwood Society.

Having watched changes and growth and increased influence at Mount Hermon for over 55 years, it is obvious that those who went ahead of us have paved the way for what we enjoy today.  There’s no feature, program, or building here that didn’t take sacrificial giving by others.  The “others” have blessed us today because they were blessed in former days.  That’s a really solid Biblical principle: blessed to be a blessing.

Identifying with the Redwood Society is a way for us to encourage others to invest for the future of Mount Hermon.  While the Redwood Society doesn’t provide legal advice, we do offer cost-effective gift planning ideas that could provide unique tax benefits.   We are also happy to recommend Christian professionals who can share the benefits of estate planning.

Carla and I would love to have you prayerfully consider joining us as part of Mount Hermon’s Redwood Society.

Redwood Society Members

Cindy and Rick Ahlquist-Penksa*
Jimmie and Susan Allen*
Rick and Laura Alvord*
Barrett and Regis Anderson
Dorothy Arndt*
Bruce and Janet Arnold
Jim and Myrt Arthur*
Leila Arthur*
Joyce Asimus*
Patricia Bailey*
Roger and Fay Baldwin
Bill and Margaret Barbour*
Patricia Bennett
Bill and JoAnn Brandon*
Jane Braun
Eric and Kristen Brewer*
Don and Linda Broesamle*
Bonnie Buhnerkempe*
Bruce and Barbara Burman*
Bob and Lu Burmester*
Carol Butterworth*
Sue and René Cairns-Welti*
Jay and Becki Campbell
David and Lynn Cathy
Jack Cauwels*
Mark and Linda Champagne*
Jerry Clodius
Darryl and Carolyn Compton*
Rex Cooper*
Scott and Chris Couchman*
Tom and Karen Cowley
Gerry and Shirley Cox*
Judi Cranmer*
James Crawford
Bill and Sharri Cree*
Elmer and Betty Curtis*
Alta Davis*
Dan and Ellen Dawson
Ron and Jacquie Demolar*
Bernie and Miriam Denton*
Rebecca Driver
Jon and Beverly Drury
Gail and Susan Dunning*
Jim and Beth Duvardo*
Pete and Gladys Duyst*
Bob and Kathy Eckman*
David and Susan Elias
Kristina Eriksen*
Wilma Erlandson*
Larry and Shirley Esau*
Daniel and Shelley Everett
Anthony and Alpha Fagundes*
Rob and Nancy Faisant*
Marilyn Farrar*
Mark and Joan Folden*
Kelly Forrest*
Debbie and Steve Franck
Fred and Michele Gallagher
Howard and Patricia Gardner*
Gwen Gilbo*
Tom and Joyce Gottdiner*
Barbara Grensted*
Arlo and Christiane Grenz*
Marvin and Kathy Griffing*
Mary Lou Grunigen*
Jack Gudgel*
Ed and Joan Gutzmann*
Brian and Liz Hammer*
Lee and Coraly Hanson*
Michael and Janice Hare
Gary and Helen Harris

Fred and Lisa Hauter*
Marilyn Hayes*
Marty and Lauren Herceg*
Gene and Marilyn Herrington*
Judy Heuvelhorst*
Carol Hill*
Dan and Cheryl Hill*
Harriet Hill*
Jerry and Arlene Hitchman*
Jim and Nancy Hoffman
Tony and Suzy Holbrook*
Steven and Jane Honett*
Nancy Hunter*
Paul and Michele Izor*
John and Ann Jenks
Laurie Jenks
Michael and Marilyn Jenks*
John and Karen Jernigan*
Alden and Lorna Johanson*
Charlie and Linda Johnson*
Mike and Thais Johnson
Ramohna Jones
John and Suzanne Joseph*
Janice Kainuma*
Chris Kanbergs*
Bill and Janette Kassis*
Frank and Debbie Kendrick
Paul and Cindi Kinney*
Bill and Sharon Klippenstein*
Jerry Kopec*
Fred and Robbin Kroger
Rick and Linda Lagomarsino*
Sharon Lanphear
Don Lenhart*
Jerry and Kathy Lewis*
Nelda and Charles Lewis*
Robert and Joanne Lindstrom*
Jim and Bev Linman*
Sherry List*
Laurie Long*
Kirby and Carolyn Loo
J.R. and Laurie Loofbourrow*
June Love*
Walter and Marie Love*
Carol and Ben Luce*
Larry and Marline Lutz*
Dick and Jean Macy*
Tim and Myra Mahoney*
Bob and Peggy Mapes*
Cal and Phyllis Marble*
Tim and Joyce Maw*
Ruth May*
Eric and Marguerite McAfee*
Jim and Peggy McQuaid*
Bill and Barbara Mecham
Gil and Sue Mellis*
Brian and Debby Millhouse*
Marjorie Molakidis*
Mike and Marla Mulkey*
Glenn Nelson*
Paul Nelson*
Wolf and Vera Neumann*
John and Karen Nydam
Eileen Nyholm*
Karen O'Connor*
Ken and Eunice Olson*
Rose Pecanic*
Beverly Peterson*
Ruth Alice Potter
Clyde and Betty Powers*
Greg and Terry Presnell*

Bruce and Carolyn Puffer*
Emilie Pyle*
Julie Ann Rapp*
Karen Rapp*
Don and Lexie Reichel*
Chris and Chris Reiter*
Ray and Lillian Richards*
Cindy Ritchie*
Ken Robertson*
Mike and Jane Romberger
James and Vivian Rootness*
Robert and Barbara Rosenthal
Dave and Dian Ruder
Jim and Robin Ruschman*
Jack and Sally Samuelson*
Russ and Jacquelyn Sands*
Paul Schneider*
Carla Schnell*
Dorothy Schuele*
Farley Shane
Louise Shebanek
Mark and Virginia Siebels
Bill and Marylee Siegle*
Carolee Singley*
Errol and Linda Smedley
Tom and Jeannie Sommers*
Linda Sparling*
Bruce and Candace Spong*
Howie Stevenson*
John and Heather Stewart*
Andrew and Elizabeth Summers*
Leonard and Diana Sunukjian*
Dave and Carla Talbott*
Nick and Joni Terpstra*
Tom and Lynn Tos*
Don and Ginger True Jackson*
Lois Uranga
Mark and Deb Van Groningen*
Lois Vincent*
Joan Wade*
Bruni Wald*
Elaine Watkins*
Darrell and Betty Watson*
Bob and Joan Watt*
Patty Watts*
Albert and Joan Weiss*
Linda Weissenburger
Forrest and Betty West*
Gary and Barbara Wheeler
Rachel Williams*
Curt and Gracie Willson
John and Katie Withers*
Dave and Becky Wright*
Peter and Li-ui Yang
Bob and Carol Young*
Robert and Breean Young

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*Charter Member

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