Make Us One — Multi-Ethnic Worship Conference

January 30 - February 2, 2017

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This event has been postponed.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this event has been postponed. Questions: Feel free to call our Registration Department at 831.335.4466.

A Fusion of Culture

"This is not just a worship conference, but it’s a conference that’s going to build community."

January 30 – February 2, 2017

In January, fourteen people from many different cultural backgrounds and age groups from around the nation gathered for two days to meet, pray, worship together and strategize. We have a commonality. We love Jesus and His church. We love to worship and to lead in worship through music. We also have a concern. Could it be that music is creating a chasm in the church? 

Many of us live in areas of great cultural diversity and crave that diversity in our home churches.  But, do we as teaching and worship pastors, lay leaders and musicians know how to embrace the music of different ethnicities? Is it in our wheelhouse?  Do people feel welcomed and at home in our worship services?

Our prayer is that those who come will be stretched in new directions beyond their comfort zones.

Come with an open heart to experience and learn something new that will impact you as a worship leader, a songwriter, or a church musician. Be a bridge to building new community.

"Make Us One" Planning Meeting

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In John 17:20-23 Jesus prays for us to be one so the world will know that we are His people and that He is the Savior. I believe that worship brings a beautiful and unique expression of unity in the body of Christ like nothing else. When we worship the Father with our brothers and sisters that are of a different color, background and culture than us, we show a picture of Gods love that the world desperately needs to see!