Conference Center Field House
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Victory Circle Laughs
Conference Center Fieldhouse
Victory Circle Laughs

Our Story

From the beginning Mount Hermon was envisioned as a place where people from all walks of life could retreat from their normal surroundings and the busyness of their lives in order to connect with friends, families, creation and the Creator. Founded as the first Christian retreat center west of the Mississippi, Mount Hermon has adhered to this founding vision for more than 100 years. Mount Hermon now operates four camp centers serving tens of thousands of guests each year.

The Mission

To proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior, teach the authoritative Word of God, and serve His Church in our nation and throughout the world.

The Purpose

Encountering Jesus—Lives Transformed.

Mount Hermon Historical Photo
Mount Hermon Historical Photo
Mount Hermon Historical Photo
Mount Hermon Historical Photo
Mount Hermon Historical Photo
Mount Hermon Historical Photo

Core Values


Founded in 1905, Mount Hermon was the first Christian camp west of the Mississippi. It has always been both evangelical and interdenominational, consistently proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Savior, teaching the authoritative Word of God and serving churches and Christian ministries both here and worldwide. Mount Hermon’s origins trace to the American evangelist Dwight L. Moody, whose conference center founded in the east, influenced the original program and facilities.

Now over 100 years later, Mount Hermon is still a place of retreat from daily stress and rigors, a place for discovering and renewing one’s relationship with Jesus Christ. The “high” view of the Bible as God’s authoritative Word permeates the programs, encouraging an environment where the truths of Scripture can be taught, understood and applied in daily living.

Throughout its history, Bible teachers who have taught at Mount Hermon have included many of the most highly respected preachers and teachers in the world. By God’s goodness and faithfulness, Mount Hermon has grown to be one of the largest—and acclaimed as one the finest—Christian camp and conference centers in the world.

Our Camp Centers

The original site, nestled in the towering Santa Cruz mountains redwoods, is just six miles from Monterey Bay. This site includes three self-contained camp and conference facilities:

  • Conference Center

    Conference Center

    The Conference Center is ideal for small, more intimate gatherings to large-scale retreats and even professional conferences. With an assortment of different styles of meeting rooms, housing ranging from dorm-style to hotel-style to cabins with a kitchen, rope courses, wi-fi accessibility and more. 

  • Ponderosa Lodge

    Ponderosa Lodge

    Ponderosa Lodge is intentionally designed for intimate and active group ministry events. Whether your group wants to swim in the pool, hike, laser tag, conquer ropes courses, soar down the zipline, or even take a moment to gather in the quiet, serene spaces, Ponderosa Lodge is the place.  

  • Redwood Camp

    Redwood Camp

    Redwood Camp features a large meeting room, dining hall, Samuelson Pavilion, heated pool, and more. Redwood Camp is an excellent economic choice for smaller to mid size groups looking to have exclusive use in a unique setting.

Northern California

Kidder Creek

Kidder Creek

Located in the Scott Valley near Mount Shasta, Kidder Creek sits against the stunning backdrop of the Marble Mountain Wilderness area (one of California’s oldest formally designated wilderness areas) and offers a broad array of traditional, adventure and horse riding camps for youth of all ages. The wilderness programs engage in whitewater rafting, rock climbing, cliff jumping and much, much more!

Expanding Influence

In addition to Mount Hermon’s four camp center properties, recent years have seen the growth of opportunities to serve and impact lives through top quality programs available to people from surrounding communities. These opportunities (and others like them in the future) will lead to transformed relationships in families, friends, teams, communities and ultimately with Christ.

Beyond the expected summertime programming, Mount Hermon’s year-round Christ-centered camps, conferences and concerts serve the entire family. Each facility operates non-summer Mount Hermon-sponsored camps and conferences, as well as hosting programs provided by guest groups who support the ministry objectives.

Amid all the variety, one thing is consistent—God is at work at Mount Hermon, and the result is lives transformed.