AIM Celebration 2015

Updates & New CEO Commissioning

Welcome to AIM

J.R. Loofbourrow

The Celebration was so special and I hope you realize what a critical part you play by supporting Mount Hermon. Lives are being transformed by Jesus and you are part of making that happen.


Mike Romberger Story & Commissioning

My First Summer

Mike Romberger

Mike shares his experience as our new CEO from when he started in May, through the whirlwind of his first summer on staff, until now at the August AIM Celebration.

Associate Stories

Andrew Summers &
Ben Wulbern

Andrew shares his journey from campership camper to staff, and close friend Ben shares why he continued as an Associate after his internship experience.

Associate Stories

Andrew Summers, Ross & Erin Loofbourrow

Andrew shares his journey from campership camper to staff. Ross & Erin share their experiences at Mount Hermon as kids through summer staff, marriage, and now as associates.

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Nate Pfefferkorn

Nate talks about the new improvements to Adventure facilities. He tells a story of Team Building, the ministry potential, and about a new exciting new companies who've been impacted by their experience.

Kidder Creek

Andy Warken

Andy reintroduces his family and shares his excitement for making his first full summer at Kidder Creek even better.


Best Kept Secrets

Dale Pollock, Mark Lilley &
Bill Fernald

Dale and Mark show projects and improvements from this year, and Bill shares how improved facilities are making space for innovative programming like Band of Brothers.

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Military Campership

Dave Burns with Captain Brian & Sherry Hancock

Brian & Sherry talk about how a military campership changed their lives.

Redwood Camp

Lisa Olson & J.R. Loofbourrow

J.R. and Lisa talk about some of Mount Hermon's most compelling partnerships, as well as the cutting edge plans for Redwood Camp.


Celebrating 20 Years

Watch the 20 year slideshow