AIM Celebration 2016


Welcome to AIM

J.R. Loofbourrow

The Celebration was so special and I hope you realize what a critical part you play by supporting Mount Hermon. Lives are being transformed by Jesus and you are part of making that happen.

Staff Testimony

Laura Messerly & Kerry Phibs

Watch Laura's story and listen to Kerry interview Laura about some very important guests.

Kidder Creek

Andy Warken

Andy introduces us to this summer's theme and scriptures for Kidder Creek summer 2016.

Associates Changes

J.R. Loofbourrow &
Kerry Phibbs

JR and Kerry share about the history and impact Associates have made over the years and reveal what's next.

Guest Groups

Bill Fernald

Watch Bill share about the ripples of impact guest groups experience after an event at Mount Hermon, and the heart behind serving churches and organizations.


Redwood Camp

Chafer Cox, Dick Dosker, Jim Crawford

Chafer and former directors of Redwood Camp share some memories, the exctiing completion of the Pavilion, and how it will make an impact in the years to come.


Adventures Expansion

Nate Pfefferkorn

Nate shares about the expanding reach of Adventure at Mount Hermon and recent updates to Sequioa Aerial Adventure.


Felton Meadow

Lisa Olson, Nate Pfefferkorn,
& Dale Pollock

Lisa, Nate and Dale give an update on Felton Meadow.

Trustees Message

Ron Demolar, René Schlaepfer

Trustees Ron and René give an update from the trustees.

Mike Romberger

Mike Romberger

Mike shares about his first full year on staff and some of his focus for the next.