AIM Celebration 2017


Welcome to AIM

J.R. Loofbourrow and Kerry Phibbs

The Celebration was so special and I hope you realize what a critical part you play by supporting Mount Hermon. Lives are being transformed by Jesus and you are part of making that happen.

2016 Year In Review

Kerry Phibbs

Look back at the amazing things the Lord did in 2016 here at Mount Hermon. Our Associates are a significant part of making this happen.

The Great Commission

Kerry Phibbs

Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 28:19, Therefore, GO make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Mount Hermon serves as a basecamp where lives are transformed through the work of the Holy Spirit to GO out and impact their world. 

Adventure as Ministry

Nate Pfefferkorn

Nate Pfefferkorn shares wonderful stories of how lives are impacted  through adventure and recreation ministries here at Mount Hermon.  

Basecamp– Nuts & Bolts

Dale Pollock and Bryan Hayes

Dale Pollock and Bryan Hayes share about the latest improvements and remodels over the last year. God is at work improving and restoring the facilities, thanks to your faithful support.

The Lakeside Zone

Bryan Hayes

Watch this video featuring JR Loofbourrow and see how you can help free us from The Lakeside Zone.

The Beadel's Story

Bryan Hayes

Tommy Beadel shares his heart for Mount Hermon and the men he works with. Hear the story behind his desire to help restore our hotel units and for his friends to know the love of Jesus. The story behind The Lakeside Zone.

Military Camperships

Nathan & Lindsey Knowles

Nathan and Lindsey Knowles tell about the difference a military campership made in their lives, how it brought them to Mount Hermon and its impact on their life at home.


The Interns

Cody & Katie Rogers

Being Mount Hermon interns changed and shaped the lives of this wonderful couple. Take a moment to hear their story.

OSS in China

Bill Fernald and Suzy Clark

Bill Fernald and Suzy Clark tell aboutabout theting journey of helping start the first Outdoor Science Schools in China.

Guest Groups

Zach Hall

Zach Hall tells us his journey to Mount Hermon and his passion for our guest groups. Then hear from Tracy Stueve from World Vision.

Farewell from David

David Talbott

David Talbott says "farewell," as he announces his retirement in September 2017. Make sure to watch the video that follows.


Neighborhood Day Camps

Jeremy Bentley

Hear Jeremy Bentley vision cast about the possible future of Mount Hermon Neighborhood Day Camps

Mount Hermon State of the Union

Mike Romberger

Mike Romberger shares from his heart.

Williams Welcome Center Dedication

View Photos from the Dedication