Work Life Balance— or integration?

Most of us struggle to achieve “work-life balance” and in recent years the term “work-life integration” has been gaining popularity in recognition that we live in an always-on culture. Is there really…

Finding Community— Sharing Your Faith

After the deep connections made in a week of summer camp with friends new and old it’s natural to ask, “How do I find community like this in real life?” We all…

Put the “Fun” Back in Parenting!

With school having just started many of us have mixed emotions. We’re sad because summer is over and yet relieved that school brings a schedule and some consistency. The school season also…

Our Heavenly Dad: A life transformed at Family Camp

Families at Family Camp come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has their unique story. But what binds them all together is the experience of coming for a week to…

Trust Issues

The last two years I have been on an interesting journey. I know that many, if not most of you will remember David Talbott. Dave served on staff at Mount Hermon for…

Renew Redwood: Construction Update

Redwood Camp is ONLINE for summer and ready to welcome campers so they can meet Jesus and have some fun! So what does that mean? 1. Cabins are up – and they…

The Staff are the Program

At Kidder Creek we say, “The staff is the program” and we had an incredible…

Summer 2019 was amazing!
Trusting Our Guide: A Life Transformed at Kidder Creek
BNZ: the Big New Zip
Master Site Plan: Closer to Approval


This Matters to Me

This Matters to Me – Mike Romberger

With summer one-hundred-thirteen now in the books, it causes me to pause, reflect, and be…

BNZ: the Big New Zip
Master Site Plan: Closer to Approval
Update: Ponderosa got a new lawn!
Renew Redwood: Construction Update

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