Making Marriage Last

Making Marriage Last – missing the tiny things may matter most Making a marriage last or course requires commitment and effort on behalf of both partners, but what if there was a…

Megan at Pancake Ridge
Twenty-One Summers

Megan Etter spent the first twenty-one Julys of her life at Mount Hermon and wrote down her memories for a class while a senior at Wheaton College. The following are some excerpts.…

Hannah and her Brother
The Ripple Effect

by Hannah Borjon, Summer Staff Alumna My name is Hannah. I come from the most incredible, loving family. But none of us had a personal relationship with Jesus. God used one week…

Outdoor Science School Staff
Keeping It Local— 25 Years of Outdoor Science

How can a program impact individuals for months or even years after they leave? Every year guests from a variety of cultural backgrounds attend Mount Hermon’s Outdoor Science School (OSS) program. The…

Connect 2019 ICCA Annual Conference
Companions in Spreading the Truth

From the very beginning in 1906, the founders of Mount Hermon understood and embraced Missio Dei – the mission of God. They saw the thirsty souls of the San Francisco Bay Area…

historical photo of bridge
May It Continue To Be So

Recently I sat in a room with the founders and early leaders of Mount Hermon and listened as they talked about the future. Well … I wasn’t actually with them in person,…

2019 by the Number

Here at Kidder Creek, we’ve been so encouraged by the number of people who have…

Master Site Plan Update
Staff is the Heart of the Program
The Three C’s
Family Camp or Family Adventure Camp?


redwood, cabin, camp,

Renew Redwood

  The earth movers have moved in and the critical infrastructure that most people never…

Redwood Camp cabin updates
Redwood Camp Update— February 2020
Connect 2019 ICCA Annual Conference
Companions in Spreading the Truth
Septic Project Funded
Septic Repairs Update: Project Funded!
This Matters to Me
This Matters to Me – Mike Romberger

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