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Project Sanctuary– Where Military Families Thrive

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 Mount Hermon ministers to thousands of people each year by linking arms with established organizations, supporting them as they seek to accomplish kingdom work. Each year we also intentionally partner with a few organizations whose mission and values align with our own. Referred through our Military Campership Program, Project Sanctuary’s goal is to assess the […]

Supporting Military Families

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There are so many stories from this past summer. Let me share a particularly moving letter I received a few weeks ago that accompanied a gift: …My son Nate is currently deployed and wanted me to tithe for him.  Here’s a check for $100 to go towards your Military Campership Fund.  Thanks for being such […]

Testimony From a Military Family

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We received this report from a military family attending one of Mount Hermon’s Family Camps. Many donors and churches have made it possible for Mount Hermon to offer an ‘all expenses paid’ week of family camp to several military families. Here is this family’s grateful response: Dave, L. and I are back at home now, […]

Keeping it Real

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I arrived at Mount Hermon the beginning of May and have since been learning all I can about this special place. As a new leader I have enjoyed discovering our storied history, viewing our present vibrancy, and dreaming the hope of an even brighter future. As we move toward 2016 and beyond I want to […]

The Transformed Lives of Three Marine Wives

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Military Camperships have become one of the most heartfelt parts of our campership program. Giving the gift of a week at family camp for a military family is a joy we can’t measure. Families arrive in a variety of shapes and sizes usually excited, having different needs and hopes of their week at camp. This […]

A Life Transformed

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In 2011 Sherry and Laurana Hancock came to Family Camp for a much needed time of encouragement as recipients of a military campership while husband and dad, Brian, was deployed in Afghanistan. In 2012, and since, they have returned as a family. I’m Brian Hancock, Captain in the United States Army and a recent veteran of […]

The Gift of Camp

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  Each summer we hear testimonies from families whose lives are transformed as a result of God meeting them here at Mount Hermon. The following is from a family blessed through a military campership. Military camperships are just one part of our Give Camp 331 program, bringing families and individuals to camp who would be […]