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Come and See God’s Great Love!

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You may think that when our busy summer season finishes, it’s time for a break. No way! Our program team is already planning for our busy season of fall youth retreats. This past fall more than 800 students attended one of our five Fall Frenzy weekends, uniquely designed to give Jr. High and High School […]

Redwood Camp Renewal

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Have you heard? We are in the midst of renewing Redwood Camp! There’s nothing quite like watching a camper’s journey throughout their week at Redwood Camp. Many come in shy and resistant, but by the end of the week they are expressive and open. Through the love of their counselor and the power of God, […]

Year After Year

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There are few things in the world as impactful as a week at Ponderosa Lodge. When I was in high school I spent five summers coming to Ponderosa, and my life was transformed because of it. I was also lucky enough to spend three summers as a counselor. One of the best parts of counseling […]

Thank You For Changing My Life!

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  For those who have spent a week at Redwood Camp, you know how thrilling the experience is! This summer the theme at Redwood Camp is Inventor’s Workshop. Campers are invited into the laboratory of Dr. Zyrombergraham, a world-renowned inventor. Dr. Zyrombergraham has made a new robot, RC-06, who is a special type of invention. […]

David Talbott 40 Years

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How do you measure the impact of 40 years of ministry? You could count Hymn Sings, piano and organ concerts, conferences and retreats, or any number of other activities that Dave has spear-headed in his time at Mount Hermon. For me, I measure it in lunch dates, Thursday morning breakfasts, weddings, and constant laughter in […]

Doc: The Man on Fire

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If you have attended Family Camp in the last two years, you no doubt remember being thrilled (and a little nervous) at the sight of a Day Camp counselor breathing fire during the Sunday opener. Well, meet Andrew “Doc” Lee: counselor extraordinaire, fire-breather, and campfire illusionist! Like so many of our Summer Staff, Doc began […]

The Lasting Impact of Summer Staff

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  We love re-connecting with Mount Hermon Summer Staff Alumni and finding out where and how in their journey God has been using their staff experience. Meet Dr. Terry McGonigal, who helps shape young men and women for ministry at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA. Terry served on Redwood Camp summer staff in 1972. Q: […]

28 to 28 Associate Profile

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Several years ago we launched “28 to 28” as a way for young Staff Alumni to more easily become Associates. Recognizing that giving $500 a year isn’t always easy when you’re starting out in your career, “28 to 28” allows people to give $28 a month to the Mount Hermon Annual Fund until the age […]

New Redwood Sports Pavilion Underway!

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For 20+ years now we have been dreaming of a Sports Pavilion at Redwood Camp, and this summer that dream will finally become a reality! Last summer we were uber-blessed with a lead gift of $900,000 along with many other generous contributions which allowed us to reach our funding goal of $1,365,000 and begin construction on our new […]

Family Camp is Underway!

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This summer, thousands of campers have already come to experience an incredible week of Family Camp at the Conference Center. Families come from literally all over the country because they know that when they are here, they will encounter Jesus and experience life transformation. Continued from Alumni Newsletter: This summer our theme verse comes from […]

150 Part-Time Staff Make Mount Hermon Happen!

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Many, if not most of us, are keenly aware of the impact and scope of the summer staff experience at Mount Hermon. Each year, Mount Hermon hires over 200 college students and young adults to work at the Conference Center, Redwood, Ponderosa, and Kidder Creek. But did you know that this summer there will be […]

Staff Alumnus Continues to Make Lasting Impact

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  There are many staff whose work at Mount Hermon leaves a lasting impact. Scott Gullick, or “Scotty G,” as he was affectionately known by his staff, is no exception. Scotty served at Ponderosa Lodge for 7 years in a variety of roles. Starting as a counselor at Ponderosa, he began an internship after college […]

Redwood Staff Reunion

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  You would be hard-pressed to find a family more in love with Redwood Camp than the Martins! Susan and Lee met while on summer staff in the 1980’s, their daughters Grace and Hannah counseled for several years each, and their son Kendall was a Camper in Leadership Training (CILT) in 2010. They told us, […]

Met, Married, Missionaries!

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  We see it all the time: young adults who work as interns or summer staff at Mount Hermon who are then launched into a life of ministry. Things are no different for Cody and Katie Rogers! Cody and Katie met at Mount Hermon as interns in 2011. Several months later, they began dating and […]

This Summer at Redwood…

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Getting ready for summer is hands down the best time of year! It can be busy, frantic, and even stressful. It’s also exciting and energizing as new staff arrive and we prepare for campers! Our Children’s Ministry intern, Sarah Cooper, is stoked for camp to start. I talked with her last week about what this […]

Shipwrecked at Family Camp?

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  One of the most fun parts of preparing for summer for me has always been choosing a theme and creating a program that fully integrates it into every aspect of camp. This year at Family Camp the theme is “Sunk without Grace,” and campers of all ages will plunge into the concept of God’s […]

A Gold-Mining Extravaganza!

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  Last month nearly 200 students came to Mount Hermon over two weekends for a fun-filled time of song, dance, games, and gold mining! This year’s Junior Getaway transported kids back to the old west as they learned how to “Dig into the Bible.” Once again, the famous Mr. J joined us for the weekends […]

Redwood Reunion

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  When was the last time you were at Redwood Camp? For many who were on summer staff years ago it has been decades! Well, it’s time to fix that! On Saturday, August 3, 2013 we will be hosting a Redwood Camp reunion for summer staff from all years. If you have ever been on […]

Join the Fight

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When I hear that there are 27 million slaves in the world today, I am struck by a number of emotions: shock, disbelief, anger, and discouragement to name a few. It seems like the issue of human trafficking has only recently started to get a lot of attention, and everywhere you turn there’s an organization […]