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Ponderosa Summer Theme: Through the Woods

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Last summer as I read through all the student evals, I was struck by the reoccurring statement that I saw students write: that they “learned that they could become more like Jesus no matter what they struggled with or did in their past.” As we grow closer to Jesus, we learn that He loves us […]

Integrated Theming

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  When I was a student in southern California, and made countless drives up and down highway 5, I was always perplexed when I passed the exits for Disneyland. Seeing the top of the Matterhorn mountain or Hotel Tower of Terror, I’d think if it weren’t for the signage, most people would drive by the […]

2013 Ponderosa Summer Theme – Upside Down

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A summer theme always begins with an idea: a simple comment in a text, a conversation with a friend or even thinking through the work that God is doing in our lives.  After this, the praying, dreaming and planning begins!  It was a simple comment made by a co-worker that served as the spark to this […]

My Amata Experience

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Amata is a two-week camp experience that can be summed up in two words: beloved & babysitting. Teen girls will have the experience of a lifetime living together in a cabin at Conference Center, being mentored by college-aged staff, and discovering what it means to be a woman of God.  Amata is for girls entering […]

The Final Finale: Winter Weekends

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‘Ello Nascar racers! Nancy Wombeck here, giving you a live update from the Ponderosa Speedway. In most recent news, Ned Bosnack and I just said goodbye to legendary Ricky Pondy as he headed to his next national race, where he’s hoping to take home another golden trophy to add to his fire place mantel. But […]

Fall Frenzies: The End

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Greetings to our fellow Ponderosites! Well, it’s been a week since the last Fall Frenzy at Ponderosa Lodge, and it’s safe to say that Old Man Pumpernickel and Hermon Hollow have not returned to further their mischievous schemes. We’re still making lots of noise and keeping Ponderosa safe, but wish you all were here with […]

My Life’s Most Embarrassing Moment…So Far.

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I don’t embarrass easily, except for the occasional awkward moment that naturally occurs each day. But there was this one time… I think weddings are a little tricky when it comes to picking a good DJ. Naturally the bride and groom want their guests to have fun and be entertained, but there seem to be two […]

Hulkamania Runnin Wild

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  So when I was in eighth grade my aunt thought it would be cool to take me somewhere special.  Now that could be almost anywhere for me; a Denver Broncos game, to go see The Clash live, a giant mud puddle, out for ice cream….blah blah.  That list could go on and on but […]

Comparative Study between Pirates and Jedi Masters….

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To my slight embarrassment one fateful night, I made known to a group of strangers that it was my dream to one day become a pirate or a Jedi master. Attributes I found quite normal within myself were finally unveiled for what they were: slightly abnormal and quirky. Nevertheless, I still proudly display in my […]

Low tops VS mids

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Lets just begin by saying without shoes where would we be?  Now I know that there are some places in the world don’t even have socks let alone shoes but that shouldn’t hinder us from some healthy discussion on style points.  So in my time on this earth I have worn almost every style of […]

The Paradigm Shift of a Hot Dog

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So the other day I was with a good friend of mine and we had a hankerin for some 31 flavs, you know jamocha nut slam, peanut buttery slider with a swirl of whatever that goo is, or the most confusing… gumbally wally.  So we had in mind the promise of the pink and blue […]

The Adventures of Jimmy K., Mary Jane, and Chelsea

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Once upon a time, on a far off mountain top called Ponderosa, lived two happy munchkins named Mary Jane and Chelsea. Everyday, Mary Jane and Chelsea would don their colorful sweat pants and comb their stylish hair, and run to and fro across the grassy knoll on top of Ponderosa, pretending they were ping-pong balls […]


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Hello cyber friends this is the first of many blog posts to be seen.  Let me just start by blogging to you about blogging.  We will find our blogness and eventually blog it up….. Huge!  But for now we just can’t get our blog on without a little blogedy blog so the call goes out […]