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Mark & Joan

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Part of the family…that’s Mark and Joan Folden. They have left their fingerprints all over Mount Hermon both literally and figuratively.  Chances are you may have met them Mark shares their story: “I grew up attending Mount Hermon as a teenager.  Early on in our marriage, we began to attend couples conferences and family camp […]

A Story of Service

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What would we do without Volunteers? The gift of service from these incredibly faithful friends makes a significant difference at Mount Hermon. I have had the joy of knowing Bob and Peggy Mapes for 20 years. They are everywhere—faithful friends, Associates and longtime volunteers. What brought you to Mount Hermon? As newlyweds in 1957, we journeyed […]

Associates in the Making: Abbie and Sonja

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  There are two little ladies that have come on the Mount Hermon scene recently that are truly champions of this wonderful ministry. They love each other and everything Mount Hermon! Abbie (9) and Sonja (10) have been attending the same week of Family Camp for several years but according to them, it was the first […]

Reporting Back Lakeside Project

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Have you heard? The Lakeside 500s have been completely remodeled, and they are beautiful! This spring Tommy Beadel, a long-time family camper, brought a crew of 50 construction workers to demo the rooms and completely remodel them! In seven short days they had done about 80% of the work, leaving a few final finishing touches […]

The Circle of Life & Love

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Well, nothing could be further from the truth at Mount Hermon. Our hope and mission is to spread the love of our Savior everywhere we go—in our homes, to our family and friends, in our workplaces, churches and throughout our communities. There is […]

Volunteers: Paul Schneider Redirected, not Retired

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By Kerry Phibbs, Associate Director of Advancement One of our many joys is introducing you to some of the gracious volunteers who make such an impact in the ministry of Mount Hermon. They are unsung heroes that bless us beyond imagination. One such volunteer is Paul Schneider. Paul and his wife Virginia’s connection with Mount […]

The Williams: A Mount Hermon Couple

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By Kerry Phibbs, Associate Director of Advancement Dan and Linda Williams have blessed and impacted this ministry and our guests, day-in and day-out, since 1990. Shortly after getting married in 1981, they joined Campus Crusade for Christ in San Bernardino. Dan served in the tech services department as the manager of the carpenters and painters. […]

Meet Bruni Wald

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Pictured left to right: Vera Neumann, Bruni Wald, Wolf Neumann By Kerry Phibbs, Associate Director of Advancement Sharing the gift of Mount Hermon with family and friends is a natural occurrence among those of us whose lives have been impacted here. Well, that is exactly how Brunhilda “Bruni” Wald learned of this safe-haven in the […]

The Transformed Lives of Three Marine Wives

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Military Camperships have become one of the most heartfelt parts of our campership program. Giving the gift of a week at family camp for a military family is a joy we can’t measure. Families arrive in a variety of shapes and sizes usually excited, having different needs and hopes of their week at camp. This […]

Lisa Olson: A New Journey

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In spring of 2006 Mount Hermon welcomed a new staff member, Lisa Olson. Little did I realize how my life would be impacted as a result of knowing Lisa. I didn’t know she would become one of my dearest friends and be a catalyst in helping advance my faith and spiritual growth into a new […]

The Claussens—Volunteering is a Family Affair

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Volunteers—what would we do without them? At Mount Hermon our volunteers make an extraordinary difference in the day-to-day, season-to-season rhythm of life here. The gift from a financial viewpoint is beyond measure. Their service creates not only financial blessing, but the manpower needed to complete so many jobs at Mount Hermon. One of the unexpected […]

Reporting Back Dishwasher Appeal

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If you’ve ever eaten in the dining hall, you know it is a special place at Mount Hermon. Not only a place where we enjoy delicious meals, but also rich conversation, experience heart felt laughter, create wonderful memories and just share life. At Mount Hermon we take the act of service and guest care seriously, […]

Literally…Life Transforming

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Experiencing the truth of Jesus’ love in a camp environment is not to be underestimated. I’ve known it personally in my own life, I’ve see it in the life of my son and I’ve watched it all around me at Mount Hermon for over 18 years. This reality and truth comes in many forms: a […]

Meet Laura Messerly, Adventure Girl

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One of our brightest and most shining faces in the world of Adventure and Recreation belongs to Laura Messerly. If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Laura and you’ve seen her smile, you know what I mean. Laura is our Adventure Operations Director. She interacts with our wonderful adventure staff (ranging in number from 50–150 […]

Meet Juve Muniz

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If you’ve ever eaten in our dining hall during a weekend retreat or a family camp, you’ll most likely have met Juve Muniz. Juve is undisputedly the most commended staff member on our conference/retreat evaluations. Juve’s infectious personality and sense of humor are incredible blessings not only to our guests and conferees but to all […]

Mount Hermon Associates Family Celebrations

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A wife, mother, grandmother and Mount Hermon Associate shared at Victory Circle this summer at the conclusion of family camp. What a blessing it was to hear how Mount Hermon has become such an impactful and integral part of their family’s life. “…I feel like Mount Hermon has really kept our family together. It has […]

Saved from the Tree

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Mount Hermon loves people and prays for Jesus to transform lives. Our mission is not only to bless, love and encourage our guests, but also to pour into the lives of those who serve on our staff. Because of your faithfulness, we have jobs to do; we have staff houses here that we’ve made our […]

Associates Make a Huge Difference

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One of the top joy experiences here is watching people’s lives being transformed in a way only Jesus can do. Lives Transformed–that’s Mount Hermon’s mission. A precious couple, whose lives were transformed here 50 years ago, just wrote that they have very intentionally chosen to become Mount Hermon Associates. They are compelled to help others […]

A Summer to Remember

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Jerry and Arlene Hitchman met at Mount Hermon in 1957 and both worked on summer staff. They are just two out of thousands of individuals who have served here; in the last hundred plus years. Staff alumni are part of a unique group; they love to share “their story” and how their lives were impacted […]

Associates in Ministry – More than just a celebration!

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If you were at one of our AIM Celebrations in May or August, you know God is doing exciting things at Mount Hermon. You heard about Felton Meadow and Velocity Bike Park, Camp Hope at Kidder Creek, and our intentionality in reaching the post-modern generation.  The excitement was palpable. Our goal at every AIM event […]

The Gift of Camp

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  Each summer we hear testimonies from families whose lives are transformed as a result of God meeting them here at Mount Hermon. The following is from a family blessed through a military campership. Military camperships are just one part of our Give Camp 331 program, bringing families and individuals to camp who would be […]

“… Change My Life Forever”

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  I sat around the campfire on that summer night; I was 12 years old and moved by the message and the truth that God loved me, that He was real and present in my life. That powerful moment at camp is one I will always remember. My life was immeasurably blessed by having gone […]