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A Life Well Lived: Chelsea Opheim

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Chelsea grew up attending Family Camps with her family. Each year she looked forward to making the trek from Santa Barbara to enjoy a week of refreshment and fun. She was so encouraged by these experiences that she purposed to continue the tradition with her own family.

Chelsea and Nathan were married in 1994. They brought their three children to Family Camps, providing the same experience that Chelsea’s family had given to her. Over the years they attended camps and concerts, forming lasting friendships with other campers and staff.

In 2011, Chelsea was diagnosed with breast cancer and recently went to be with the Lord. Chelsea had the unique opportunity to reflect on her legacy and how she wanted to be remembered.

She desired a memorial that would represent her core values of choosing life, loving others like Jesus, and having faith in the promises of God.

She and Nathan came to us to talk about possibilities at Mount Hermon, and we let them know of a fire pit we were hoping to build at Ponderosa Lodge — a place where thousands of young people gather to learn and develop relationships.

Ponderosa Lodge is Mount Hermon’s most-utilized facility, hosting Jr. High and High School students all summer, Outdoor Science School during the school year, and many program and guest groups on weekends. Over 6,000 kids and teens come to Ponderosa each year, where relationships with their counselors and naturalist teachers help lead them to the love of Jesus.

Chelsea was overjoyed at this idea, and her family and friends quickly pledged to provide the funds needed for this project in Chelsea’s memory.

The new fire pit will be a powerful tool for the relational ministry that happens every day at Ponderosa Lodge and will have a plaque remembering Chelsea and her love for the ministry of Mount Hermon.
We are so grateful for her friendship, for the years the Lord gave us with her, and for her lasting legacy
at Mount Hermon.

For more information about leaving a legacy at Mount Hermon, please contact J.R. Loofbourrow at 831.430.1244 or

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Legacy Conference Equips Attendees for Thoughtful Giving

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Registrants in our annual Creating a Legacy Conference in August were pleasantly surprised to find the “Provide and Protect” track of seminars featured Dr. Charles Schultz, one of the world’s foremost authorities in helping people leave a financial legacy.

Charles is President and CEO of Crescendo Interactive, the largest provider of planned giving solutions in the world (8,000+ clients), and a long–time friend of Mount Hermon. He publishes weekly GiftLegacy and GiftLaw eNewsletters, and teaches at seminars and teleconferences. He received his law degree from the University of Michigan, with a tax specialization from Washington University School of Law.

He was very helpful in the establishment of Mount Hermon’s Redwood Society, along with his friend, the late John Watts, and is a champion of causes that get Christians to take action and control of their estate plans.

In addition to the expertise of Dr. Schultz at the four–day conference, seminars were also taught by E. J. Hong, a certified specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Her passion for estate planning and protecting families came from her own mother’s death when E. J. was just 17 years old. The vivacious E.J. was a perfect complement to Charles’ very quiet and dignified presence! The twenty or so of us who spent three mornings together enjoyed getting to know each other and seeing how God was using each person to further the Kingdom now and even beyond our earthly lives.

Also assisting in the conference was J.R. Loofbourrow, Director of Advancement, and Rob Faisant, immediate past–president of Mount Hermon’s board of directors and a recently retired estate planning expert and attorney.

Next year’s Creating a Legacy Conference is set for August 15–19, 2016. Plan now to attend a week that will provide major tracks and over a dozen seminars on all aspects of your legacy.

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Navigating the Gap

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Remember the difficulty you had trying to share your new-found worldview with your parents when you were a kid? Chances are your kids and grandkids are having the very same struggle today. But today it is much more than just a gap in fashion and style. The times we live in now are shaping this generation in a whole new way; much differently than the times that shaped us.

We are living in an increasingly post-Christian, post-modern culture and many amongst new generations are abandoning their faith and the church. Sadly, we see this in our own families.

But we don’t have to be ignorant. In Chronicles we are introduced to the sons of Issachar. It’s said that they “understood the times and knew what to do.”

What a legacy that was!

At this year’s Creating a Legacy conference we’re very excited to have Dan Kimball, the founding pastor of Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz share with us about this culture and what makes this generation so unique. Dan is the author of several books including They Like Jesus but not the Churchwhich deals with how the church and Christians are viewed in our culture and addresses the negative perceptions that younger generations have of Christianity and the church.

We want to invite you to come to the Creating a Legacy conference at Mount Hermon August 19-23 and be intentional about your legacy. We’ll spend each morning in major track seminars that will offer six hours of instruction, exercises, discussions and much more over the course of the conference.

After lunch we’re offering over 15 elective seminars that will deal with subjects like researching your own genealogy, living single, caring for aging parents, walking alongside those who are grieving and much more.

To register for the conference or to learn more about it just go here. Or you can call the registrar at 831.335.4466

Don’t miss this opportunity to become intentional about your legacy.

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Announcing a new major track for the Legacy Conference!

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We’re excited to announce a brand new major track for this summer’s Creating a Legacy Conference, August 19-23. For the first time we’ll be offering “Health and Wellness for Life!” led by Dr. Ryan Bentley. Dr. Bentley is the author of Vessels that Thrive.

As a devoted Christian, Dr. Bentley champions the biblical idea that the human body is God’s vessel. As an innovative physician he properly defines health in terms of thriving…not just surviving.

What kind of legacy are you leaving future generations regarding health and wellness?

In this new track, Dr. Bentley will be looking closely at the generational and environmental changes that have influenced this current young population to actually have a lower life expectancy than their parents…for the first time in history!

Every generation has the ability to change the direction of the generational line for the good or for the bad. What are you doing to improve the health and wellness of those generations following you?

In the video below, Dr. Bentley details his passion and vision for generational health and wellness.


Join us at the Creating a Legacy Conference, August 19-23. For a full listing of all the major track topics offered as well as registration information, just click here.

We’ll see you at there!

Creating a Legacy

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Most people automatically assume when they hear the word “legacy” that you’re referring to money or land and how much you’re going to leave to your heirs. And while that certainly is an important part of any inheritance, legacy can mean so much more.

We are all in a position to leave more than just money. Our values; those things we deem important. Our worldview; our sense of how the world works. And our spiritual view; how we feel about God and His place in this world and in our lives.

These are things we hand down to our children, most of the time without even knowing it. And because oftentimes we’re not intentional about it, we pass down ideals and attitudes we’d rather not. Our children and our grandchildren end up getting big portions of us. And sometimes, regrettably, that means getting our worst instead of our best.

But what if we were more proactive? What if we identified those positive ideals, values and attitudes we wanted to pass on and made an actual plan of how we were going to instill those values in our children and grandchildren; no longer content to leaving it to mere chance?

Imagine the impact we could make then.

That’s why we’ve designed the Creating a Legacy conference on August 19-23. We want to give real, practical ways to be intentional about the heritage we are passing on. Certainly we want to leave a financial inheritance if possible. But we also want to pass along a foundation of values and beliefs that will protect and shelter that financial inheritance for many generations.

At this conference we’ll certainly take the time to cover major issues like finances. But we’ll also talk about traditions, heritage, health, and learning to tell our family stories. We’ll talk about our family dynamic and developing a better understanding of the generations coming after ours.

The Creating a Legacy conference is a new kind of adult conference offering not only opportunities to learn but to retreat and play as well. And each day will be capped off by an encouraging word from Rev. Earl Palmer.

God has blessed you richly. He’s been faithful. And now is the time for you to consider how you will, as a good and faithful steward, pass on this rich heritage of God’s favor. Join us and learn how to create a rich legacy for those you love.

To register for this uniquely valuable conference simply click here. Or call the registrar at (831)335-4466.

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