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We’ve Got a Leak!

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Drip. Drip. Drip.

There are few things more soothing than the sound of rain outside your window as you curl up on the couch with your comfy blanket, perhaps in front of a roaring fire.

But suddenly, there’s another sound… and it seems to be coming from the hallway. You get up off the couch, walk around the corner, and there you see it…the roof is leaking. You grab a towel and a bucket because those drops that were so calming are now dripping all over your floor!

We’ve all been there. In my home, we’ve had our share of roof leaks over the years. Now imagine having over 100 roofs to maintain, especially in the midst of a very wet winter. Welcome to Mount Hermon!

When the rains started this year we noticed the familiar sound of drip, drip, drip. We discovered a number of roofs that urgently need significant repair:

• One Staff Home
• Conference Center Bookstore
• Forest Hall Program Office
• Youth Memorial Meeting Room
• Six Guest Cabins at the Conference Center
• Six Guest Cabins at Kidder Creek

And as I think about these spaces, I think about the moments that happen inside them. I think about parents and kids in their rooms at Family Camp. I think about campers and counselors in their cabins. So much ministry happens in these spaces!

We need $150,000 to repair and replace 20 roofs this spring.

Would you help us meet this critical need?  Your gift ensures the buildings we love serve the next generation of those connecting with Jesus at camp.

>> Give to New Roofs Here <<

Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration.  We are grateful for you and your faithful ministry partnership.

For King and Kingdom,

JR Loofbourrow
Vice President of Advancement

Transform Kidder Creek

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by Andy Warken, Director of Kidder Creek

Kidder Creek offers some of the most diverse camp programs in the camping world.  Campers can ride horses on mountain trails, hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, whitewater raft, and mountain bike on premiere destination worthy trails.  Through these diverse programs campers grow as they play and have real adventures in creation with counselors and staff who care for and lead campers one step closer to Jesus.  
These adventures are needed now more than ever as screen times increase and outdoor play and experience decreases.  Kidder Creek is committed to giving kids real adventures in Creation, using God’s handiwork as the stage on which we work to see young people’s  lives transformed.  

We need your help!

Our goal is to raise $600,000 over the next 3 years to “transform” Kidder Creek. Our focus is on transforming these 3 main areas to better serve our campers and their families:

  1. Program Additions— Laser Tag, New Zip Line, Adventure Ridge 2.0
  2. Existing Facilities Improvement— Finish MSP, Pond Pavilion and Bathroom
  3. New Program Facilities— New pavilions at the Crossing and Outback campsites

Matching Gift: 

All donations, above and beyond our annual fund, are matched through the current Mount Hermon Campaign for a total of $1.2 million in camp improvements.  Through God’s provision and our generous donors support we are already at $410,364 toward the campaign goal! 

How you can be a part of the transformation:

  1. Pray—pray for life transformation to happen at Kidder Creek
  2. Share— share about Kidder Creek’s unique program offerings and how you have been transformed
  3. Give to Lives Transformed at
    1. Become a transformer – a monthly donor of $25 or more
    2. Give to a project – we have a lot of fun projects planned for the campaign!  

We have confidence that God will provide to transform camp and that He will continue to transform the lives of campers that join us each summer.  

Andy Warken, Director of Kidder Creek

Incredible Generosity

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For Bill Ives, nothing was more important than family. He was the proud father of three children and eight grandchildren, and his favorite thing to do was spend time with them. Bill’s Mount Hermon story started like so many others: an invitation from a family member. His daughter Cathy and her husband Gary began coming to Family Camp around 15 years ago. After telling their family about the incredible experience they had, everyone decided to join in.

Since Bill knew this would mean a week of dedicated time with his kids and grandkids, he was excited to come!

For the last decade, Mount Hermon served as their family gathering place, where Bill’s son from Colorado and his daughters from Atlanta and Piedmont gathered each year with their whole families. Bill was not a church-goer and didn’t talk a lot about God. Cathy remembers the ten years they came to family camp vividly, noting that Dad loved coming to Mount Hermon and spending time with his family. He was at every session, engaged and excited to be there. Some of his favorite times were meeting up with the men in the family for early morning coffee on the Dining Hall porch, riding the train to the beach, and relaxing on the meadow.

A couple of years ago, Bill’s health began to deteriorate, and his children encouraged him to re-evaluate his estate plans. At that time he made the decision to include Mount Hermon. Bill’s daughter Stephanie shared this about her father:

“Dad modeled incredible generosity. The kind of generosity that didn’t seek to attract attention or get credit. He delighted in giving generously. He didn’t talk about it, he didn’t lecture us about it. He just modeled unselfish generosity. He had the perfect combination of contentment and generosity. Can you imagine what the world might be if everyone was like that?” Sadly, Bill graduated to be with Jesus in February. Stephanie also shared this precious memory from Bill’s final days: Dad didn’t talk about it much, but he believed in God. He spent his last days on a ventilator in Intensive Care going in and out of consciousness. After five days when the ventilator came off, we all crowded around as he seemed eager to tell us something. His voice was weak, he could only say a couple words at a time, but he said, “Jesus said I got you.” And then “Jesus loves us. Jesus loves all of us.” Dad knew where he was going and we had the incredible blessing of having him tell us that because of Jesus we get to go too.

We are incredibly grateful for Bill’s life and love for his family and Mount Hermon. The legacy he left Mount Hermon will minister to campers for decades to come. Bill’s gift comes at a pivotal time, as we are in need of funds to begin the Redwood Camp renewal. Because of Bill, thousands of kids who come to Redwood Camp in the days to come will encounter Jesus and experience His transformational love. Thank you, Bill!

What’s happening at Kidder? April 2018

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There are always a lot of exciting things happening at Kidder throughout the year.  This monthly blogpost will give you some of the highlights and things we are excited about.

April 2018 Highlights

God has been blessing Kidder Creek the last several years with continued growth in the number of campers that are able to come learn about the love of Christ!  It’s been such an honor to be a part of that growth process!  We hear over and over how kids lives are transformed here at Kidder, so it’s great to have more campers.  More campers =  Greater impact.  Of course, if we have more campers, we’re going to need more staff, but the problem we’ve run into is where to keep all of these wonderfully kind, servant-hearted young adults!

This spring we began construction on two new staff tent cabins that will be meeting a need that  for more staff housing.  These new cabins will be slightly bigger than our camper tent cabins and will have electricity (unlike our camper cabins).

Our awesome summer staff are the energy behind the amazing things happening at camp and we are beyond excited to provide some new digs for them this summer.
Check out the progress so far (we’ll post completed pictures later!)


Did you know that YOU can join us in taking care of our staff by donating to this project.  Thanks for supporting life transforming adventures in creation at Kidder Creek Camp!

Donate Now!

*After redirecting to our donation page select Kidder Creek in the drop down menu, please make your donation to the general fund.

Exciting Things Ahead!

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I believe God has some unbelievable things in store for Mount Hermon in 2018.  This could even be our best year ever!  Thousands of kids will be coming to camp, along with a myriad of global ministry partners who will be holding retreats and equipping thousands more to better serve and share the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout this country and the world!

Two areas where God is clearly at work include phase two of our Lakeside Lodge remodel and some dramatic progress to improve Redwood Camp!

Do you remember how God enabled us to remodel all 20 rooms in our Lakeside Lodge 500 building last May? Thanks to the incredibly hard-working team from southern California led by Tommy Beadel, this building went from worn and dated to fresh, new, and transformed in just one week! Hundreds of families enjoyed these rooms throughout the summer and last fall. Soon Tommy and his crew plan to return, to complete the next phase of the remodel – WOW!

Why is this ministry project so important? Because these rooms are a vital link in God’s life transformation process for our guests and the construction crew. The Family Camp guests and Guest Groups that stay in these new Lakeside rooms are incredibly blessed. They experience a comfortable and distraction-free environment, providing rest and renewal as they absorb all that God has for them
during their conference or retreat.

Remember, it’s not just campers who are blessed. Just like last year, we are inviting Tommy’s entire construction crew and their families to return as our guests for Mount Hermon’s Hispanic Family Camp. Can you imagine how seeds planted last year will continue to grow when these families return to have fun, learn about the Savior and be enveloped with the love of Jesus, joined by a whole new group of their co-workers?

Redwood Camp is in the process of major transformation as well. The addition of the Samuelson Pavilion has been a game-changer for our children’s ministry, providing a dedicated, covered recreation space. PTL!

Up next: improvements to our Redwood Camp cabins. Plans are nearing completion to revitalize and connect every other cabin with a bathroom in between. Each bathroom will have a toilet and sink which will eliminate the long walk to the bathhouse with a counselor when the need arises in the middle of the night.

Each of my boys attended Redwood Camp and I saw firsthand the impact it had on their lives. Nearly 1,000 kids come to Redwood Camp each summer, and we know these cabin improvements will significantly enhance their experience as well as the experience of our hard-working counselors. Our Children’s Ministry Team does a phenomenal job creating a powerful program for these kids and these new bathrooms will go a long way in enhancing everyone’s overall experience.

We need your help with each of these vital ministry projects. They both require a lot of planning, prayer, and dollars to become a reality. Your prayers and support are needed to make these projects happen! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests for additional information. Remember, this could be our best year ever!

Support Mount Hermon

Katie Keil: Staff Alumni and Associate

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Katie is one of those “Mount Hermon” people, maybe a lot like you! She came as a camper, she served on staff, and she’s chosen to support this ministry—she loves Mount Hermon!

Meet Katie, her story may be your story…

“I can’t remember a time when Mount Hermon wasn’t part of my life! I have been coming to Mount Hermon for our church retreat since I was a kid. I could not wait to be old enough to go to Ponderosa Lodge in high school and I started going the summer before my freshman year. I loved camp so much as a camper and had a family friend who served as a camp counselor, so I could not wait to be a counselor in college.

I ended up working as a counselor at Ponderosa in 2001 and 2002, but that wasn’t enough. I came back as a Staff Counselor in 2006 and then spent a summer as a Staff Pastor in 2008. After finishing camp in the summer of 2008, I started a job in Marketing at Clorox and have been there ever since.”

Clearly Mount Hermon was and is an important part of Katie’s story. Ponderosa Lodge is her Mount Hermon home.

“I always loved being at camp because it was a place I really came to understand God’s love for each of us. Between the Bible studies, speakers and worship time, I was challenged to think more about who God is and how His love for me should change the way I live and love others. I also made some of my best friends as a counselor.”

One of her favorite Mount Hermon memories-

“My favorite day at camp was Monday afternoons for field games! We played this crazy Jello slip-in-slide game and the counselor round always got very competitive. It was so fun and led to a lot of laughter every week. I cannot tell you how often campers used to say they loved watching the counselors because there was something different about the way we lived and loved each other.”

Ron Demolar is a big fan!

“I had the privilege of working with Katie at Mount Hermon several summers ago when she worked as a minister to the summer staff at the Conference Center. I appreciated Katie’s giftedness in administration, pastoring, and teaching at some of our summer staff meetings. She has a God given ability to build deep and lasting relationships with people. I am delighted she has gone on to serve God with these gifts of leadership in the business world.”
– Ron Demolar

Katie has turned her love for Mount Hermon into action through becoming an Associate over a decade ago.

“My time at camp and the life-long friends I made as a counselor have played such a formative role in who I am today. I loved my experience so much that I want to help others experience the same growth and
joy that I do every time I set foot
on the grounds.”

Katie is just one of thousands whose lives were transformed through the love of Jesus at Mount Hermon. Thank you for being part of her story through your support and prayers for Mount Hermon.

Count On Us

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I love a good story, especially a great Mount Hermon story!  So when I received this encouraging note from a young Family Camp couple, I knew I wanted to share it with you:

“I grew up coming to Mount Hermon. The weeks I spent at camp in my teen years were without question the most formative weeks of my life. As a child of a single parent, we could not afford camp without help. Each year, I was the recipient of a campership, and I am forever grateful to those who gave to make that experience possible. 

Now that I am in my 30s and married, I love being able to give back to Mount Hermon. After our church, Mount Hermon is our first giving priority. My wife and I met here, and year after year, we see the impact this ministry has on thousands of lives. How could we not give? We trust the leadership, and know that God uses our donations to transform lives, the same way that my life was transformed thanks to the generosity of other people more than 20 years ago.

Several years ago, I remember my pastor sharing how online monthly giving was a huge blessing for our church. Knowing there was a consistent stream of support coming in month after month was so helpful for the church to be able to plan and budget. We know the same is true for any ministry, especially Mount Hermon.

My wife and I want Mount Hermon to know they can count on us month after month. We want them to be able to make plans and extend camperships to families and kids in need knowing there is a steady stream of donations coming.  We know many people are touched at Mount Hermon and we want that to continue. We plan to keep giving every month for the rest of our lives!”

I love this story because they are absolutely right! Online monthly giving is a significant blessing to Mount Hermon. We are grateful for every single gift no matter the size, and are uniquely grateful for our supporters who faithfully give month after month to ensure that our year-round programs can continue to thrive!

THANK YOU to each and every one of you who currently give monthly through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or your credit card! If you have never thought about giving monthly online, I encourage you to prayerfully consider doing so. Whether it is ten dollars a month or a thousand, every gift is a blessing that impacts lives and grows the Kingdom.

You can set up online giving at or by calling Karen Crist at 831.430.1244

Give Today

Redwood Society The Gift

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On February 2, long-time Mount Hermon friend Paul Stephan went to be with the Lord. A few weeks later, we received word from his daughter Debbie that her parents had remembered Mount Hermon in their estate plans. Here’s what Debbie told us:

“My mom, Betty, started coming to Mount Hermon at a very young age. My father, Paul, accepted Christ at the age of 32 at First Baptist Church…and that is where my parents met. While dating, they spent many evenings at Mount Hermon attending various events. It was at Mount Hermon that my dad told my mom for the very first time that he loved her.

After they were married, Mom & Dad became extremely involved with Overseas Crusades mission, and as a family we attended EVERY annual OC Conference at Mount Hermon until it ended in 1983. Wonderful memories!!

We also loved attending many summer Sunday morning worship services through the decades, along with Saturday evening summer concerts, and Christmas concerts/dinners at Mount Hermon.

Mount Hermon is so special to us all because Christ is at the very center. Our family has always been at complete rest at Mount Hermon. To us, it is a foretaste of Heaven!

Mount Hermon truly puts Christ at the very center, and I feel confident that my parents’ gift will be used to both glorify God and to spread the Gospel. If other families and children can have even just a taste of what I’ve had at Mount Hermon, then that puts a smile on my face!”

We are thankful for the legacy Paul and Betty have left at Mount Hermon. Their gift is enabling life-transforming ministry to continue today and tomorrow!

If you have questions about estate planning or would like to learn more about the Redwood Society, please contact J.R. Loofbourrow at 831.430.1244

Learn About Redwood Society

Reporting Back Lakeside Project

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Have you heard? The Lakeside 500s have been completely remodeled, and they are beautiful!

This spring Tommy Beadel, a long-time family camper, brought a crew of 50 construction workers to demo the rooms and completely remodel them! In seven short days they had done about 80% of the work, leaving a few final finishing touches to be completed in the weeks before the start of Family Camp.

But here’s the best part: the whole construction crew has been invited to come back to Mount Hermon in August for Hispanic Family Camp as guests of Mount Hermon! From the start, Tommy and his wife Brandy’s desire has been for their workers, along with their families, to experience Mount Hermon just like they have, with their kids. We can’t wait to host them next month and see God work.

We are already beginning to plan the future remodel of the Lakeside 600s and 700s! Tommy is excited to introduce even more of his workers to Mount Hermon.

Thank you to all of you who supported this project financially, we couldn’t have done it without you! Please pray for the guests who are staying in the Lakeside 500s this summer, along with the crew that will be coming back for Hispanic Family Camp.

Hear Tommy talking about the project below. Be sure to grab a tissue or two…or ten!

If you would like to be part of the Lakeside 600s and 700s project,
contact J.R. Loofbourrow at 831.430.1244

Learn How To Give Support

Mount Hermon Annual Fund & The Difference

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Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.
C.S. Lewis.

No truer words than these describe Mount Hermon and the impact Mount Hermon Associates have had over the last twenty-plus years.

God has grown Mount Hermon’s reach in amazing ways. When I arrived in 1998, we ministered to less than 50,000 people per year; today it exceeds 70,000.  Our year-round staff of 123 in 1998 has grown to 295 today.  In 1995 we launched our Outdoor Science School, which now ministers to over 4,000 children each year, and includes a strategic ministry partnership in mainland China.  In 2003 and 2004 the Lord gave us Whisper Canyon and Kidder Creek Camps.

In 2006 our McAfee Fieldhouse opened, which changed everything in terms of year-round ministry options.  In a similar way, our reach and program options grew exponentially in 2008 when the Redwood Canopy Tour and Sequoia Adventure Course opened.  We had sixty cabins in 1996 and today the Lord has blessed us with eighty cabins.

In 2012 we purchased the Felton Meadow.  As we wait on God’s timing regarding the development of this new property, we’re creating unique new programs for this zone that will minister to tens of thousands more in the years to come!


In 1998 our young Associates program had 98 members.  Today (as of 2015) Mount Hermon Associates number over 900—PTL!  Our Associates are not only part of our culture they’re woven into the fabric of our lives.  God has blessed this ministry in unimaginable ways and we can’t imagine life without you, our faithful, loving and supportive Associates—THANK YOU!

Yet, through it all, the Associates program has remained the same while everything else dramatically changed: staff growth, facility growth, program growth and the constantly increasing expenses to operate this ministry with excellence.  Twenty years ago, a dozen eggs could be purchased for around a dollar; today it’s not unusual to pay four.  Today a gallon of milk pushes five dollars, while twenty years ago it cost around three.  This one really impacts us:  the minimum wage was four dollars and change twenty years ago; today its ten dollars per hour, and soon it will increase to fifteen, which will have enormous financial impact.

So after much prayer and processing, along with input from many of you encouraging us to reconsider the financial threshold for Associates, we are announcing an update.  With the approval or our Board of Directors, the financial threshold for NEW Associates will now be $1,000 per year.  We want to provide plenty of lead time, so this change will not take effect until January 2017.

Praise The Lord that today over half of our Associates are already giving $1,000 or more each year.  We’re also aware that many others give quite sacrificially to reach the $500 level.  Please know that we are deeply grateful for every dollar given!  Nothing is changing for you unless you want it to.  Only NEW Associates will be tied to the $1,000/year giving threshold. Associates as of December 31, 2016 will remain at the current $500 per year.

Each and every Associate is a blessing!  We literally could not operate Mount Hermon without you—Thank You!  As we all move towards the future reaching even more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, we want you to be crystal clear regarding this change.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Kerry Phibbs or me if you have any questions.

Reporting Back Dishwasher Appeal

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If you’ve ever eaten in the dining hall, you know it is a special place at Mount Hermon. Not only a place where we enjoy delicious meals, but also rich conversation, experience heart felt laughter, create wonderful memories and just share life.

At Mount Hermon we take the act of service and guest care seriously, so we thank you for being part of a very important mission—replacing a well-used, well-worn dishwasher!

Last spring many of you watched a video in which JR implored you, “Please help us, help Mike not have to wash dishes.” Well, we asked and you responded—in fact, over 200 generous friends stepped up to make this very significant project a reality.

dishwasher-guy-1200x800The response to helping us meet our goal for the dishwasher was remarkable. Truthfully, we were just amazed at how many of you responded with such generosity. As a result of the abundant provision given, we are well on our way to meeting the goal of the $189,000 needed to complete the entire project.

We trust the Lord’s provision for the remaining funds so we can begin the project early this fall. If all goes well, we will have the entire project completed prior to the holidays.

So remember, each time you eat off of a clean plate, drink out of a sparkling glass or stir your beverage with a shiny spoon, you’ll know you had a hand in making that happen!

Thanks a million, or at least $189,000!



Volunteers Help Make Camp Happen!

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As summer approaches, there is much to be done to prepare for the arrival of summer staff and campers. Our site requires hours of cleanup from the harsh fall and winter weather and each year we focus on several large facility projects to continue maintaining and improving our structures and site.

Our facilities manager, Tim Lloyd, does an incredible job coordinating these projects and ensuring that the camp looks better than ever on day one of the summer. We are tremendously grateful for the groups of volunteers who come and give hundreds of hours to help us prepare for the summer.

Recently, we have had volunteers from Rolling Hills Covenant Church in Southern California, Servants on Wheels Ever Ready (SOWERs), and the Mobile Missionary Assistance Program (MMAP) helping with projects ranging from slash clearing to window and siding installation. As we get closer to summer, Heavenly wheels from Redding, Calvary Bible Church from Grass Valley, and Flood Student Ministry from Colorado will come to volunteer their time and talent to make Kidder Creek better than ever.

In addition to these groups, a number of faithful volunteers from the Scott Valley help with site maintenance throughout the year. We are beyond grateful to them all!

If you would like to know more about ways you could get involved in supporting the ministry of Kidder Creek as a donor or volunteer please contact us at

We Planned For the Future, But…

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LisaOlsonFamily1000In The LOG we always like good Redwood Society stories – about people so touched by God at Mount Hermon that they’ve chosen to extend their legacy here with an estate gift. It is humbling to discover how some bequests arrive at an “appointed” time and in the exact amount needed for a crucial ministry opportunity. God delights in making this happen.

My own journey with my will and estate offers a word of warning. My husband, Mark, and I created a simple will when our first daughter was born. (Young parents, be sure you do that! Select a guardian yourself, not a court-assigned judge.) We also purchased ‘income replacement’ life insurance policies, with face values of ten times our salaries. By investing the proceeds at current interest rates the survivor could replace the income of the one who’d died. We were advised that would sufficiently sustain our lifestyle.

Then as many young couples do, we filed it, and never thought about it again … until. Twelve years later Mark was diagnosed with acute leukemia that took his life after a fierce nine-month battle. When serious illness is diagnosed, it is too late to revise your plan; you have to live – and sometimes die – with it.

Mark and I were both sobered to realize that, now as a ministry leader, his income had more than doubled in those twelve years. Also, we’d underestimated our income when we purchased our life insurance, as more than a third of our compensation was in tax-free housing, utilities and perks. Our premiums were low, but so would be the proceeds.

Plus, our family had grown! We now had four children, ages 6, 8, 10 and 12, one with autism, one with epilepsy. I worked part-time to help with speech therapy and medical expenses, and was consumed with being a mom.

There was nothing we could change, so we focused on fighting the cancer. It weighed heavily on Mark that I would immediately need to work full-time, since our meager life insurance proceeds would not begin to cover his income portion.

And that’s what I did. Within two weeks of Mark’s home-going I was working full-time so we could keep our medical benefits, and I cut our budget to fit within my salary alone. God has faithfully enabled me to provide for my kids, and the insurance was enough for a down payment on a house. In that way, Mark was able to provide that first home for us, for which I have been extremely grateful.

Even with few assets, our will still had a charitable clause: if our entire family suffered a catastrophic event, our estate would pass a substantial portion to our ministry as secondary beneficiaries of our life insurance policies. That would have represented a significant gift, marking our legacy there for generations to come.

Though we had an ‘estate plan’ – a will and life insurance – we did not review it annually as our family grew and needs changed. If you are without an estate plan that covers current needs, please address that today. Many free online tools can help you prepare a simple plan. Then revisit it annually! And don’t forget to include Mount Hermon in your will or as a beneficiary to an insurance policy, HSA or retirement plan, leaving a legacy for those who will follow you here in the redwoods.

Getting to Know the Mount Hermon Annual Fund

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  jr-loofbourrowIn Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 the Lord has given us a beautiful, poetic narrative about the seasons and cycles of our lives. I know you are familiar with it… “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven”(3:1).

We live the cycles and rhythms of life almost without thinking. Birthdays and anniversaries of things joyous and sad come every year. Holidays and Holy Days allow us to celebrate romance, patriotism, the Incarnation and Resurrection. Annual physicals, dues, performance reviews and taxes come as sure as the winter rains. The author of Ecclesiastes writes: “What is happening now has happened before, and what will happen in the future has happened before, because God makes the same things happen over and over again” (3:15).

Mount Hermon is a seasonal ministry in many ways. Annually we see the return of summer when family camps and youth camps gear up to full–tilt, and thousands of people fill the air with laughter, the auditorium with songs of praise, and campfire circles with testimonies of God’s goodness. Fall brings church partners returning to Mount Hermon for a retreat in the redwoods. Christmas brings concerts, spring brings summer staff recruiting and students to Outdoor Science School. What is happening now has happened before and will happen again, and again.

Ecclesiastes acknowledges that the seasons bring their share of hard work, and the burdens of life on this earth as well. It’s no different at Mount Hermon. It shouldn’t surprise us that every year brings needs that must be met to keep this one–hundred–year–old facility ready to receive guests. Every year vehicles are retired and replaced. Every year computers run their course and are upgraded. Every year roofs leak, carpets become threadbare, pipes rust, potholes form, trails erode, harnesses and saddles wear out and even the curtains and bedspreads fade from sunlight.


And every year there are opportunities! Families going through a rough patch due to unemployment or an unexpected health crisis need a little extra help paying for camp. Veterans come back from deployment in harm’s way seeking a haven where they can reconnect with their spouse or family. Kids growing up in unspeakable conditions marked by violence and abuse have a once–in–a lifetime opportunity to come be enveloped in the love of Christ for one whole week. Girls rescued from Human Trafficking get to rediscover worth and strength on an adventure course.

These annual needs and opportunities are generously covered by the gifts faithfully bestowed by Mount Hermon Associates. Over the last five years their contributions to the Mount Hermon Annual Fund have averaged over $2,000,000! While some might see these annual needs as non–glamorous or routine, they are the stuff of life for this ministry. The Annual Fund is what allows Mount Hermon to provide sacred spaces and experiences for God’s children.

The author says that God “… has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end” (3:11). Mount Hermon exists to water, nurture, and coax that seed to take hold in our hearts and bring forth new life in Him. If you want to play a part in this work of God, this season, consider a gift to the Mount Hermon Annual Fund. If you are already a beloved Associate, this is the time we say “thanks.” 

Read More About Giving

Even Small Donors Make a Difference

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It’s an indisputable truth that Redwood Camp is and has been one of the happiest places on earth for so many. For a century now thousands of lives have been impacted as they have realized the love of Christ under the Redwoods. Uncountable decisions to follow Jesus have been made by the tender, vulnerable hearts of Redwood campers

I had the joy of opening a letter the other day from two of our littlest donors. It brought such joy to my heart and all those who read it that I simply had to share it with you.

Most of you know we are revealing a much anticipated feature at Redwood Camp this summer, the Samuelson Pavilion. We’re not the only ones excited about this wonderful new ministry arena; so are Evan and Rachel.

I asked their mom Stephanie how this all happened. She said…


“Redwood Camp is a very special place for our family. As a camper I made a commitment to Christ at Redwood Camp. My husband and I met as counselors at Redwood Camp. Now our children will be going to Redwood Camp for their 5th and final summer, before making the jump to Ponderosa. At last year’s Associates in Ministry Celebration we decided to help financially support the new Pavilion in the small way we could.

This decision got our children thinking. On their own they decided to save their allowance and find small ways to raise money for the Redwood Camp Pavilion. Redwood Camp is their favorite week of the summer (and maybe even their favorite week of the whole year!). To them it was a no–brainer to donate their money to such a special place.”

Years from now Rachel and Evan will look at the pavilion and know they were a part of that historic event in the life of Redwood Camp and all the lives that have been transformed there. The beautiful legacy of Redwood Camp and Mount Hermon flows from generation to generation, family to family. Thank you for being a part of Mount Hermon’s story.

Invest in Mount Hermon

28 to 28 Associate Profile

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Several years ago we launched “28 to 28” as a way for young Staff Alumni to more easily become Associates. Recognizing that giving $500 a year isn’t always easy when you’re starting out in your career, “28 to 28” allows people to give $28 a month to the Mount Hermon Annual Fund until the age of 28 and enjoy all of the blessings of belonging to the Associate family!

Sean Charles Sommerville was our first Staff Alumnus to sign up! We’ve asked him to share about his journey at Mount Hermon and why he has made the decision to become an Associate.

“I first attended summer camp at Mount Hermon as a lowly 5th grader down at Redwood Camp. I never missed a single summer after that and even came back as a “super senior” after graduating high school. I was hooked and knew someday I would come back on staff… so I did (though I’m still not sure who was crazy enough to hire me)! I worked several summers at Ponderosa Lodge, then came back as the Redwood Host intern and Coordinator for the
Echo program in Santa Cruz.

I have been a Christian my whole life, but it was at camp that I finally took ownership of my faith. Escaping the day to day and being surrounded by a staff that was driven by a love for God and others made a huge impact on me, and I still remember where I was sitting in the Forum at Ponderosa when I decided that my faith was no longer going to be something I did just on Sunday mornings. Working on staff was even more impactful and I still think back on late night discussions with staff and campers, of lives transformed for eternity thanks to decisions made, and of all the conflicts that turned into life lessons. Much of who I am today was formed during those summers on staff
at Mount Hermon.

I always loved the idea of giving back to Mount Hermon, but didn’t think that I actually could. When I became an Associate I was working part time as a substitute teacher while finishing up my teaching credential. That was when I heard about 28 to 28, and I knew right away I wanted in. $28 a month? Yeah,
I can do that!

You see, when I went to camp all those many years ago, I was only able to make it due to camperships. Each year my family relied on that extra funding to help get me to camp. The money I donate now goes toward the same campership fund that enabled me to get to camp.

I am so grateful for the role God allowed the Herm to play in my life and I want desperately to see it continue for many years to come. Please please please consider joining the Associate family.
You don’t have to be a millionaire, it’s just $28 a month!”

If you have questions or would like more information about “28 to 28” contact Andrew Summers at

Redwood Society Creates a Family Legacy

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My parents, Doug and Charlotte Jenks, met at Mount Hermon and lived as followers of Jesus throughout their lives. With a vision to thrive in their own faith and see their children embrace the faith they cherished they were consistently engaged with their church and with the ministry of Mount Hermon.

My sisters (Marilyn and Liz) and I have often reflected on the many ways our parents influenced us towards embracing the Lord they loved. They did this with both words and actions. With words they always encouraged us to talk about anything, ask important questions and pay attention to the things that matter the most. With actions they modeled the faith they proclaimed. We were never confused about what our parents valued most deeply.

Doug and Charlotte Jenks were generous people. I remember their telling me about their joy in being able to give to the Lord through our church and Mount Hermon. My dad was the first person to talk with me about money from a broad and biblical perspective. He wanted his children to avoid the dangers of greed, envy, fear or pride that often accompany a misguided perspective of money. He talked with me about having healthy habits around giving, spending and saving. Our parents wanted us to experience the reality of generous living as a response to loving a generous God.

This influence continued in an amazing way as my parents neared the end of their lives, entered heaven and surely experienced the reality that “We brought nothing into the world, and we take nothing out of it” (I Timothy 6:7).


Cancer took Doug Jenks’ life in 1999, but it did not take away his vision be a faithful follower of Jesus and a Godly influence for his family. I remember my father sharing with me that I did not need to worry that his death would create financial confusion for his family. They had taken the needed steps to prepare for the financial changes associated with his passing. Then he shared with me their vision to joyfully share a final financial gift to the Lord whenever my mom would join him in heaven. He wanted me to hear this from him, that a legacy gift was a way they could honor and thank the Lord who had given them so much. He also said they wanted this legacy gift to be a final and specific teachable moment for his children.

When my mom passed away in 2012 we were able to facilitate our parents’ wishes and relay a gift from their estate to Mount Hermon and their church. Our parent’s final financial gifts to ministries that cherished their most precious values allowed them to express in their death what they had proclaimed throughout their lives. I will never forget this powerful expression of faith and my parents’ wise intentionality to give in this way. This was a beautiful and teachable moment indeed! My parents’ legacy gifts were a final kingdom investment in ministries they loved and a powerful influencer encouraging their children to continue to follow Jesus in a humble and generous way.

For info about how you can be a part of The Redwood Society visit or email

New Redwood Sports Pavilion Underway!

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For 20+ years now we have been dreaming of a Sports Pavilion at Redwood Camp, and this summer that dream will finally become a reality! Last summer we were uber-blessed with a lead gift of $900,000 along with many other generous contributions which allowed us to reach our funding goal of $1,365,000 and begin construction on our new Pavilion!

Continued from Newsletter

For those of you who have worked at Redwood Camp,  you know that the lack of dry, covered recreation space can be a big bummer. When the meadow gets wet it stays wet, for days. This new space will provide us with the ability to run recreational programs rain or shine, and is also designed to  leave plenty of room on the meadow for other activities. The pavilion will be great for our summer camps and also dramatically enhance our programing options for both guest groups and our own camps throughout the school year. We will now be able to utilize this space even when the rain is pouring down for basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, and much much more!

Construction began in late September, and the pavilion will be open and ready for use this summer! It has been designed with an “open-air” feel. The lack of walls will allow for guests to enjoy an unobstructed view of the whole area while still being protected from the elements. Check out this video fly-through to see how awesome it is going to be.

There will be an official dedication ceremony during the Redwood Reunion  this summer on Saturday, July 30. We would love for you to join us!

Watch the construction happen here:

Parallel Histories

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RWS-GlennStewartTwo long histories coincide in the life of Redwood Society member Glenn Stewart of San Carlos: Mount Hermon, and the U.S. Army.

At age 89, Glenn is one of the longest surviving members of the  Army during World War II, in a group known as Company L of the 96th Infantry Deadeyes Association. Glenn and his comrades liberated Leyte in the Philippine Islands, then headed for Okinawa, site of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific. He came back with a Purple Heart, among several other awards. The group still meets annually, and Glenn has made most of the reunions through the decades.
Glenn turns 90 in November.

But even before this heroic service, Glenn and his family were heavily involved in the life of Mount Hermon. His father first came here in 1917, and served three terms as president of the Board of Directors. Glenn became a Director himself in 1972, and has been active at Mount Hermon, attending family camps and other events with his children and grandchildren for five decades.

Glenn and his wife, Rita, were married for 51 years, when she was killed in a car accident in 2009. She had been a school teacher, and together Glenn and Rita were very involved at Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City, where Glenn has served as head usher since 1976. He also lists 50 years of being “chief budget and business meeting heckler,” which was reflective of his many years as a CPA and business administrator.

He is known for a steel–trap mind for dates and details, and for pithy statements he lives by, such as…

“My philosophy is I never meet a stranger, I just meet people I need to get better acquainted with.”

If you need to know anything about military history, ushering for Billy Graham Crusades, or the details of Mount Hermon’s history, including doing the canopy tour at age 84, just ask Glenn Andrew Stewart. He’s got nearly nine decades of great stories and memories.

If you have remembered Mount Hermon in your estate planning, as Glenn Stewart has done, thank you and please contact David Talbott for details on joining The Mount Hermon Redwood Society.


Learn More about the Redwood Society




Over 100 Military Families Have Come to Family Camp…FOR FREE!

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One of my favorite parts of working as the Family Camp Registrar has been registering military through our Military Campership Program. This program is for active-duty military who are about to ship out or are just coming home, and fully funds the military family to come to a week of Family Camp. No need to worry about the finances, just pack up, and drive to Mount Hermon for a week of fun, food, family bonding and rejuvenation. Over a 100 military families have come through this program in the last four years.

I have seen the power of a week of Family Camp in my own life. My journey at Mount Hermon began in 1989 as a four-year-old Day Camper. In college, after many years of Family Camps, I had the opportunity to become a summer staffer. I worked two summers starting in 2009 and when I graduated in 2010 I was offered a full time job as the Family Camp registrar.

Continued from Staff Alumni Newsletter

In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to sit with some of the military families at lunch and hear about their life as a military wife, missing their husbands, raising their children. Or I would sit with a husband and wife and hear about what an amazing week of camp they had, finding their family bond again after being away from each other. This was what I came to work at Mount Hermon for: seeing God move through the simplest act of a family coming to camp.

This past summer we had a military couple that did not show up at check in. We called to check on them only to find out the husband has PTSD. It had affected his memory and he forgot when to come. When I called the wife the next morning she was in tears thinking they would never be able to come once they had missed their week. I told her it would not be a problem for them to come the following Sunday. I promised it would not be an issue and all we wanted was for them to be at camp this summer! They came to camp the following week and I was lucky enough to meet them and shake the husband’s hand, welcoming them to camp and praying for a great week. I may have worked behind the desk but it means the world to know that I had a hand in bringing peace to a family who may have needed it more than I will ever know.

We are so grateful for Megan’s years of service to our Family Camp guests, particularly those who are active-duty military.

These military camperships (averaging $2,500 per family) are funded entirely by the support of generous donors. Would you join us in helping to sponsor a military family to come to a week of Family Camp?

Give to Military Camperships


A Life Transformed

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In 2011 Sherry and Laurana Hancock came to Family Camp for a much needed time of encouragement as recipients of a military campership while husband and dad, Brian, was deployed in Afghanistan. In 2012, and since, they have returned as a family.

I’m Brian Hancock, Captain in the United States Army and a recent veteran of Afghanistan.

HANCOCK_BRIAN--military-photoThe military did what they could to try to put me back on track, but that wasn’t successful. After seeing me this way for several months, my loving wife suggested that we try the spiritual program here at Mount Hermon. I was pretty skeptical. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that God really existed anymore, after the terrible things I had seen in Afghanistan. I was willing to be optimistic. I asked how much it would cost. She said, “Free!” and stole my last objection to coming to Mount Hermon, so we packed up the whole family and came down here for Family Camp.

“Your donation I am firmly convinced, saved my life, saved my marriage and I am so grateful”

Within about two hours of arriving, I realized that this was a special place. It was, in every possible way, different from what I had experienced in Afghanistan. It was clear to me that this was a magical, spiritual place where there could possibly be real healing for me. I was pretty stand–off–ish at first. I didn’t really join in the worship that was happening. In fact, my wife had to drag me over a couple of times. I was still worried that there were bad guys behind every redwood. After a few days of meeting people, many of which were fellow soldiers who had had similar experiences and were also on military camperships, I came to realize that you can get through this. The fantastic pastors and instructors here, like Sherwood Carthen (rest his soul) inspired me every night.

A little bit about my situation before I got to Mount Hermon. I was fighting at the Pakistan border in one of the most dangerous areas in Afghanistan. We were attacked every single day, sometimes several times a day. That was a very difficult time. I didn’t have phone or internet to Skype often. We didn’t have the ability to stay in touch with my wife, Sherry, or my daughter, Laurana. You can imagine how difficult things must have been for them at home.

I shielded them, as most soldiers do, from the things that were happening, but eventually something happened that I could not keep from them. After serving overseas for eleven months, I was wounded one month before I was scheduled to return home. The rest of the unit went home, were reunited with the families. I was sent to a wounded warrior unit. I didn’t get to see my family or friends or continue my life for several months due to my injury.

I’m sure you can imagine that my faith in just about everything, including spiritually, had really been shattered in that distant land. When I got home and had time to interact with civilians, nothing really mattered to me. Nothing I did seemed important. I just didn’t care about immediate life activities. Everything seemed surreal and in slow motion. I spent most of my time reclusive like a hermit. When I was out, I was always looking for snipers and how I was going to be attacked.

Something started to happen for me.

B.-Hancock-family-photoThat dead heart in me began to awaken again. That spiritual section that had been cut off, that physical section where I had been wounded and was shutting down, that mental component where nothing mattered and my will had drained away from me…I began to feel something again. I began to be able to speak to people face–to–face again. I began to be able to appreciate my family again. By the end of that one week, I was attending the sessions, sitting inside, listening to the Word, singing songs of worship, able to walk around trusting the people here.
This was the first real opportunity to live in Christian community in a Biblical sense that I had ever experienced. I knew that when I left, over time, I would be okay. That all started it for me again.

I returned to work. I was able again to continue part of my life in normalcy as well as getting the medical help that I needed to begin turning everything around. It has been a few years now, and a few Mount Hermons later and I am FAR down the road to recovery. I’m at the point now where I am looking for who I can drag here kicking and screaming…for other soldiers I can bring here to see what this place can do for them and their relationships with one another and with God. I am very thankful for that.

I would like to close with a word to my sponsor. It was free for us because someone out there donated the money for us to come. Nothing is truly free in life. Behind every opportunity there is some Good Samaritan who makes that opportunity happen for soldiers like me. I will never meet you. I don’t know who you are. Your donation, I am firmly convinced, saved my life, saved my marriage and I am so grateful. I hope one day with Jesus guiding me, I will be more like you and make the same donation to save another soldier’s life. Thank you!

Something Big is Happening at Redwood Camp

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Mount Hermon began its first summer of ministry in a meadow off the railroad tracks, a space now known as Redwood Camp. Since then, this sacred space has seen tens of thousands of people, young and old alike meet Jesus and experience His love firsthand!

Redwood Camp is filled with kids and non–stop fun each summer, yet its facilities and location have allowed only limited use at other times of the year. The geographical footprint is only seven acres and it’s surrounded on three sides by water, with the fourth border being Zayante Road. The guest cabins have served us well, but were built over fifty years ago with only two centrally located bath houses for boys and girls. In addition to these rustic accommodations, there is no indoor recreational facility like the McAfee Fieldhouse.

This severely limits our program options when the weather turns wet or windy. Imagine an entire weekend conference with little to no recreational options, due to inclement weather.

Now imagine a brand new year–round recreation pavilion, packed with kids, surrounded by new guest cabins, designed and built for year–round comfort, with increased acreage for recreation. That would require a miracle, you say? Then please join with me as we Praise the Lord for how He is opening doors that allow Redwood Camp to be just that in the future!

Consider this: when Mount Hermon purchased the 15 acres of land, now called The Felton Meadow, this significantly increased our opportunities for exciting and new recreational growth at Redwood Camp.

Add to this our plan for new guest cabins designed with bathrooms and showers, along with more interior space, thanks to a two–story layout that maximizes ministry and minimizes land use. This design protects and preserves our proven counselor–to–camper ratio. Final design is pending and cabin funding is still needed.

Now the REALLY exciting news: Late last year a family who loves Mount Hermon
heard from Heaven regarding our need for a year–round recreational pavilion. PTL! They are responding by providing the majority of the funds needed to build this amazing new facility! Prayers, plans and preparation for this pavilion go back decades, but now, through the faithfulness and generosity of this family, the Lord has provided 80% of the funding we need to get started. We anticipate breaking ground this Fall. Piece by piece the Lord is providing a miracle. Just imagine the impact on all the additional children and adults whose lives will be touched and transformed due to the increased year–round ministry at Redwood Camp!

Roger Williams often said: “You can’t minister to empty beds.” You and I can make a difference; we can be part of God’s plans to build a new Redwood Camp and reach more lives for Jesus. I invite you to join with us.

To learn more contact J.R. Loofbourrow at 831.430.1237 or

“Who’s the older gentlemen eating with a table full of teenagers?”

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JohnWattsandJosh“That’s John Watts: he’s a magnet for kids. He seems to be able to identify with their interests in short order. And he has a fascinating story on almost any topic.”

That dining hall scene fits with the biographer who said that John dedicated his life to serving others. Most of the teens wouldn’t know John was one of the nation’s foremost authorities on planned giving for non–profit organizations– helping individuals be the best stewards of God’s resources.

And serving others is what John had in mind when he recommended we establish The Redwood Society, three years ago, to honor those who have remembered Mount Hermon in their estate giving. He inaugurated a similar program at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, where he worked for over a dozen years.

John WattsJohn first visited Mount Hermon in 1960, and in the intervening years helped thousands as a pastor, a consultant or employee for dozens of non–profit organizations from The Navigators to the College of William and Mary.

He capped it off with three summers of involvement in seminars and consulting at Mount Hermon as we established The Redwood Society. He was married to his wife, Patty, for 62 years. Patty threw herself into volunteer work in the Advancement office each of these last summers.

John’s sense of humor, keen mind, and servant’s heart endeared him to everyone, not just to the teens who often filled his dinner table. He will be missed.

For info about how you can be a part of The Redwood Society visit or email

Saved from the Tree

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Hipwellhouse2Mount Hermon loves people and prays for Jesus to transform lives. Our mission is not only to bless, love and encourage our guests, but also to pour into the lives of those who serve on our staff.

Because of your faithfulness, we have jobs to do; we have staff houses here that we’ve made our homes, and we have a vibrant, close–knit community we live in and are so grateful for.

God provides for us in many ways, and He never ceases to amaze us with his goodness. Your provision for us may be of this world, but God’s is from his love and grace beyond this world. Phil Hipwell, Ponderosa Lodge Food Service Manager and his wife, Vicki live in a staff home up near Ponderosa Lodge. They experienced just that love and grace on a stormy, winter night. It’s a story worth sharing and I hope it will bless you.

“On Dec 30, 2014, God gave us a gentle reminder that he is in control of all things. Our house was filled with excitement and energy that night as an impromptu visit by two of my brothers and their families had filled up the house. Because of all the extra people, everyone was spread out instead of being in our beds at 10:30 as usual. The older girls were next door in summer staff housing, the boys were downstairs playing video games, and my four year old was asleep in our bed. That’s when we heard a loud crash and the house went completely dark. My brothers and I rushed outside to see what had happened and we came upon the enormous tree that had uprooted, hit the house and crushed two cars. My youngest daughter’s bed was also crushed and in a hundred pieces. Despite all the damage, not a single person was hurt. The “what ifs” are too numerous to mention!

The Lord’s protection was on full display that night. I called Mark Lilley and despite it being late at night, he arrived within five minutes to lend a hand. Less than an hour after the tree hit, the Mount Hermon community had rallied, providing us with housing for everyone and a vehicle to help us get around. My family was in awe of how well we were taken care of. It gave Vicki and me a great opportunity to speak of our faith with family and friends who are not Christians.
I explained to my Mom why I work at Mount Hermon. It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with living and raising my family in a place where God’s community works together for his glory! That is something that just can’t be bought.”

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our guests and our staff. Your giving not only supports improvements for our guest lodging but also provides critically needed housing for many of our staff. Please pray for the repair of Phil and Vicki’s home and for the Lord’s provision to maintain and repair other staff homes.

Associates Make a Huge Difference

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head-KerryOne of the top joy experiences here is watching people’s lives being transformed in a way only Jesus can do. Lives Transformed–that’s Mount Hermon’s mission. A precious couple, whose lives were transformed here 50 years ago, just wrote that they have very intentionally chosen to become Mount Hermon Associates. They are compelled to help others receive the same blessing they received here.

What a delight to share their enthusiastic letter.

“We are thrilled to finally be able to be part of the Mount Hermon Associates with this gift of $500 and would like to be added to your list, using the funds wherever they are needed.

We have been physically and emotionally connected to Mount Hermon since the 50’s. We have not lived in the area for 50 years but the San Lorenzo Valley will always be home. (I went to camp in 1958.) My husband, grandson and I went to family camp for the first time this July, while our two granddaughters went to Redwood and Ponderosa. It took us 50 years to bring our lives full circle, beginning and ending at Mount Hermon, but we made it. It was an amazing experience for all of us.

Our three grandchildren are part of a blended family now since our son died. Mount Hermon youth camps have been their only spiritual influence towards God, and their camp experience has been vital to them for emotional healing and spiritual growth. YOU ARE “IT” FOR THEM. That’s why it is so important for us to get them there for the next few years. Our participation in giving to camp is so that other children will be blessed like ours have.

Thank you to everyone on your staff for making a stay at Mount Hermon so special and fulfilling. Especially to the camp counselors who pour their hearts and energy out to the youth in order to impact them towards our Lord and Savior forever, as they did for me 55 years ago. It is because of what Mount Hermon did for me at age 11 that makes me who and what I am today!

It blesses us so much to know we can be connected to Mount Hermon as Associates after all these years.”

Our Associates family is just that, a family, and they make a huge difference. Their prayers and selfless giving are the Lord’s provision that keeps Mount Hermon’s doors open, so God–ordained appointments like these can happen every day.

Could you write a similar testimony about the place Mount Hermon holds in your heart?

If you’d like to be part of this special group of people, please take that next step and call me at 831.430.1237 or write me at

And if you’re already an Associate, thank you!