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Thank You Volunteers!!

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Thank you Rolling Hills Covenant Church!

Last Month Marked the LAST MONTH that a group of students from Rolling Hills Covenant Church from WAY down in Southern California would come for their annual spring break service trip.

Thirty years ago, they began traveling to this area to work with Tim Lloyd (our facilities manager) at a different camp in the area to help get the camp ready for the summer.  In 2000, Tim made the transition to Kidder Creek and the group from Rolling Hills followed him.

Their work has been invaluable in helping us get ready every spring.  These students come and do the work that’s not terribly fun, but very important like raking, clearing ditches, scrubbing the pond and clearing brush.  The amount of man hours they put in is going to be hard to replace.



Due to the cost of transportation, they are stopping their trip.  To all of you who came here through Rolling Hills Covenant Church over the years:  Thank you so much!  Your service has been such a blessing!

To all of our volunteers who have given time, talents and resources.  Thank YOU!  You are a part of God’s work at Kidder Creek Camp and a part of Lives Transformed!!  Everywhere you look around Kidder Creek you see the touches of the many volunteers who faithfully serve campers, work on projects and serve meals.  Kidder Creek would not be the great place it is without you.

Meet Kidder Creek’s New Horses

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We have 9 new horses joining us for this summer.

Meet the new additions to our herd:


“Kash” is a Quarter Horse gelding who is mellow, kind and has spend many hours in the mountains.  He is ready to take kids on trail rides!

“Remy” is a handsome chocolate colored Quarter Horse gelding with really cool eyes.  His prior owner says he has a lot of “cow” in him. He will be perfect to move calves at Cowboy Camp!   

“Blue” is a Blue Roan Quarter Horse mare who is very sensitive and kind. She is a fast learner and a willing partner.  


This Appaloosa gal, “Bow”, has already been on a few trail rides and is ready for camp to start!  

“Cisco” is a Quarter Horse gelding who loves to eat and just hang out with his mares.  Won’t take him long to get in the Ranch Camp groove!

“Luna” is a Missouri Fox Trotter mare and she will teach campers what it feels like to ride a gaited horse. What a really cool opportunity!

Is this mare beautiful or what?  “Star” is a Leopard Appaloosa who is just as sweet as she is beautiful!


“Tango” is such a cool guy! He is a Mustang off the Nevada Range.  He was originally started by inmates at the correctional facility in Susanville, CA.  Tango has also spent many hours in the mountains and is ready to trail ride!

This gelding has a horsenality as big as Texas!  “Toby” is a Haflinger gelding who likes to “talk” to anyone who will listen.  He’s such a character and is tons of fun to play with and ride!

Don’t just meet these great new Kidder horses through pictures, come meet them and hang out with them at one of our Ranch Programs this summer at Kidder Creek Ranch Camp.

Register for Ranch Camp 

Welcome Drew Otto!

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Kidder Creek Camp is excited to welcome Drew Otto back to its staff as our incoming Associate Director!

From 2007–2013 Drew spent most of his summers at Kidder Creek as a counselor, men’s staff counselor and head river guide. The other 3 seasons at Mount Hermon he spent working as a naturalist, principal and developer in the Outdoor Science Program at Mount Hermon.

“I’m excited to be vocationally working for the kingdom and to see God move and reveal himself to our campers AND to our staff. It’s an exciting honor to be a part of what’s happening at Kidder Creek.”


Drew is joined by his wife Charlene and daughter Ellie. Charlene is  pregnant with their second daughter and due in August.

Everyone who knows Drew and Char is so excited to welcome them back to Kidder Creek as part of the full time staff. Together they bring a passion to invest into our staff and to see campers’ lives transformed as they meet Jesus here at camp through our staff and adventure experiences.

Please welcome Drew and Char to our team!   

Getting to know our Cast of Characters – Mark Bradshaw

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Since you are a part of our family of supporters, we want you to get to know our staff more intimately than you might be able to during your time at camp. Allow us to give you a glimpse into our lives. Hopefully this will help you to pray for us and to make connections when you are here.

Mark Bradshaw—Conferences Services Manager

Mark came onto full time staff last September; however he is no stranger to Mount Hermon. Mark served as a summer staff counselor at the Conference Center for three summers and for a full year on our Facilities team.

He and his wife, Katie (Flynn, now Bradshaw, who was also on full-time staff) have been living in Pasadena for the last two years where Mark has been studying in the Masters of Divinity program at Fuller Theological Seminary. While there Mark worked with Fuller’s Office for Urban Initiatives and as a Chaplain at Arcadia Methodist Hospital.

Mark is excited to be back at Mount Hermon and we’re thrilled to have him. His heart for hospitality and attention to every detail are essential for this position. When not at work, Mark is an avid cyclist and runner, hoping to complete his fifth marathon and first triathlon this year. An Old Testament buff, Mark reads the Hebrew Scriptures every day. Mark and Katie had their first baby boy in February!

Leave a Legacy to Impact Future Generations

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Mount Hermon is pleased to announce the formation of the Redwood Society, dedicated to bonding together a group of special friends who have set aside a portion of their estate for the future benefit of Mount Hermon.

For generations of families, Mount Hermon has formed a distinctive heritage, and over the decades numerous families have established lifetime legacies for those following in their footsteps. It is our hope your family will be similarly led to invest here, anticipating the marvelous impact your intentionality will have in years to come.

As Director of the Redwood Society, I can discuss gifting opportunities and recommend professionals who can help you with wise planning. Please feel free to contact me at If you have already remembered Mount Hermon in your estate plan, we would like to thank you and enroll you as a charter member.

Our first reception for Redwood Society members will be held in conjunction with our AIM Celebration in May. If you are already enrolled, watch for your invitation. If you are considering membership, we would love to have you join us. Let us know how we can help.

Charter Membership in the Redwood Society remains open through 2013.

Welcome Home, Andrew

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Andrew SummerBy Kerry Phibbs

On September 4, 2012 Mount Hermon received a special gift in the form of Andrew Summers. Andrew came on board the Advancement team full time as our Campaign Coordinator. He will be managing the myriad of details such as executing mailings and newsletters, planning and running events, and providing content for our website among many other things. All of these important roles fit perfectly with his organized, project management giftedness.

Andrew spent 7 summers here as a camper from Redwood Camp through Ponderosa Lodge, so he is at home in these redwoods. His passion for serving Christ took him twice to the Democratic Republic of Congo to work with child prisoners. He served 6 years on summer staff and 2 years as an intern. We decided if he was going to keep coming around we might as well grab him for the long haul.

Andrew has blessed Mount Hermon in so many ways with his winsome personality and energetic enthusiasm for taking on a task and completing it with excellence. Make sure to meet him next time you’re in the neighborhood.

CD/MP3 Form Ready for Writers Conference Recipients

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If you were at the Writers Conference this year and want to order CD’s or MP3’s of the workshops and general Sessions, the form is now posted on the first page of the Writers Conference website in the right hand upper corner.  Have at it.

Have been thinking about 2012 Writers and want to encourage you to start saving right now, and working on your writer friends to come with you this coming year.  Liz Curtis Higgs will be our Keynote speaker.  You’ll love her.  She is funny, a great speaker, personable and approachable, and has a heart for God that won’t quit.  Faculty and workshops, tracks, have not be decided as of this date, but it will be good, as always, so we’ll look for you next year, March 30-April 3, 2012.

In the meantime, have a great summer.  Make sure you come looking for information around November 1 for full info on Writers Conference.  See you then.

Don’t Miss Writers Conference — 2 weeks left to register!

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I just found out that we have LOTS of deluxe rooms available for Writers Conference.  The fun is that if you come with two other friends, the cost becomes more like double standard cost!  That’s a great deal!  AND you get the upgraded room and the fun of being with dear friends. 

Why not snag a couple of friends and sign up?  Don’t be left out of this amazing experience of growing as a writer.  It’s worth every penny! 

Ya’all come!  Hurray!