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The Truth Behind the Book of the Year

by Charles Martin, 2020 Keynote Speaker Halfway through the writing of Long Way Gone, I…

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What It Feels Like to Win Five Christy Awards

by James Rubart It was the summer of 2013. I stood next to my friend…

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7 Ways to Feel Less Awkward at a Writers’ Conference

by Jeanette Hanscome I confess; I’ve become a master of deception—people think I’m outgoing when…

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Blessed to Be a Blessing

by John Vonhof My life changed at the Mt. Hermon fountain enjoying a dish of…

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Am I Ready to Approach an Agent?

by Cynthia Rutchi Approaching an agent with a project in hopes of having your work…

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Sharing Your Manuscript May Be Scary, But You Won’t Be Sorry

by Susan K. Beatty My cursor hung over the “Send” icon, but my hand trembled…

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Ready to Reboot Your Career?

Even best-selling authors can feel dissatisfied with their careers. “It was the day after Thanksgiving,…

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10 Reasons to Apply for a Mentoring Clinic Now

by Mona Hodgson A rare bird. No two are alike. The green and purple speckled…

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What Guides Your Writing Process?

by Jan Kern When I had a PC (before my MacBook), I changed the hover-over…

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Spiritual Growth … It May Not

Can the key to spiritual growth be found in a checklist?

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The Path of Questioning for Writers

by Eva Marie Everson In February 2017, my brother called to tell me the mass…

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Looking for the Next Level

Sometimes we feel as though we are somewhere-in-between in our writing careers–not a novice and not an expert. Mount Hermon Pre-Conference Clinics may help you move out of the somewhere-in-between.

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Essential Information to Include on Your Business Card

Do you want to remembered after the conference? Be sure you have business cards ready. Laura Chsitianson

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Four Ways to Keep Blogging When You Want to Quit

Blogging? Are you ready to quit because you no longer see the point? Here are four tips to help.

Morning Mentoring Clinic: Best Choice I Could Have Made

What I hadn’t known was my mentor was knowledgeable, detailed, kind, encouraging, and, well, you get the idea. Susan K. Beatty tells us about her experience in a Morning Mentoring Clinic.

Ten Things You Should Never Say to an Author

“What do you do?” The question writers dread. Phil Callaway, keynote speaker at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, gives his responses.

Success or Failure?

Success is not overnight. Blossom Turner tells how it took nearly ten years for her novel to published and how attending Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference helped.

What Mount Hermon Taught Me About Writing and Life

Joseph Bentz shares lessons he has learned at Mount Hermon Christian Writers, and how those lessons moved his writing career forward.

Early Bird Catches the Discount

Haven’t registered yet for the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference? Be an early bird and…

Interview with the Conference Director

2019 will be a special year for many of us: births, weddings, books published. It’s…

Take the First Step

  “Coming to Mount Hermon was a pivotal moment in my writing career,” a First-Timers…

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Christy Award Winners Announced Soon

This week Christy Award finalists are waiting for the announcements—is their book a winner? Mount…

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Food, Friends, Fellowship: The Mount Hermon Dining Hall

“I find meals important for relationship building. The dining room atmosphere and staff make it…

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Christy Award Finalists Announced

Hear ye! Hear ye! (sound of trumpets) The announcement of … (more trumpets) Each fall…

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How To Be An Expert

by Cheri Cowell Do you consider yourself an expert? As speakers and writers, like it or…