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Plans for our 2013 Writers Conference, March 22-26, are in progress with faculty being invited and copy being written for a November 1 “go live” date on the website.  So much happens at Writers Conference it’s hard to put into succinct words, so I’ve asked one of our faculty, B.J. Taylor, Guideposts magazines representative, to write a bit about what the conference means to her.

“From the fledgling beginning ten years ago when I was too shy to ask for an appointment with anyone, to an faculty appointment sheet now filled with snack shoppe meetings with writers, Mount Hermon is the single most important conference on my yearly schedule. It is where I refresh, revitalize, and review how far I have come.

As a faculty member I have the opportunity to teach what I have learned.  It is my goal to keep my students in mind as I develop each class and provide them information they can keep in their writer’s toolbox to further develop their skills. I delight in meeting with writers who need a little encouragement, support, or motivation.  Mount Hermon Writers Conference addresses the needs of the attendees in every possible way, from open critique sessions, numerous class options, panel discussions, general sessions and even night owl meetings for those who want even more.  It’s a full service conference at it’s best.”

Couldn’t say it better myself.

Do you know someone who should be here for Writers? Encourage them to register November 1. And don’t forget to start working on gathering a group of your writing friends so that you get the group discount (10 or more).  Teens, remember there’s a wonderful track just for you, this year taught by a awesome young couple, Caleb and Brittney Breakey.  You’re going to learn a lot and have a blast at the same time.  McNair Wilson will be our keynote speaker.  His background in writing, theater, creative thinking and public speaking will make your head swim, but he’s down to earth and very entertaining.  It’s what you’ll need at the end of days filled with information.  And of course, Dave Talbott’s MC’ing and piano playing will revive your souls at the same time.  You’ll be glad you came for all the write reasons!

Capture an Agent and/or Editor’s Attention AND Calm Your pre-conference Nerves

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FaithLitChat on Twitter TONIGHT Thursday 3.15 6-7pm PST

Wordserve agent Barbara Scott, multi-published author (fiction and non) Mary DeMuth, and more will join us on Twitter TONIGHT with tips, techniques and how-tos to help showcase your manuscript in the best way possible. Learn how to present your pitch, plus—the one thing you must never EVER do.

And… thanks to Mary DeMuth, we have MORE PRIZES!

While you’re desperately awaiting tonight’s life-changing event, check out Mary DeMuth’s Queries Now: You Can Write One Today! and literary agent Rachelle Gardner’s: Secrets of a Great Pitch.

Utilize Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method and agent Steve Laube’s Say it in a Sentence to develop a solid one-sentence summary—then bring your tweetable pitch TONIGHT.

And please—help spread the word by sharing the link to this blog wherever writers gather!

If you’ve never joined a Twitter chat before, do not despair. It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4-5

1)                     Log into your Twitter account

2)                     Go to

3)                     Click Sign In (the top right corner)

4)                     Click authorize app

5)                     At the top of the screen is a box labeled Enter Hashtag to Follow, type in FaithLitChat (# sign not necessary)

**To the right of each tweet are icons for Replying and Retweeting

So, what’s This Buddy System All About?

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by Jeanette Hanscome


This week I am tackling one of my favorite parts of the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference—matching first-time registrants with their pre-conference buddies.

Maybe you’ve heard of this program, known as the Buddy System. You might be wondering . . .

What is the Buddy System?

Think of the Buddy System as a pre-conference mentoring program. If you ask to be part of it, you will have someone to answer your pre-conference questions, help you set realistic goals and understand what to expect, pray for you, and offer pointers on pitching ideas to editors, choosing workshops and getting the most out of the conference. You will also have someone to check in with during the conference.

I want a buddy. How can I get one?

If you are attending the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference for the first time and want a buddy, contact me at and ask me to add you to the list.

How does one qualify to be a buddy?

If you want to serve as a buddy, the only requirement is that you have attended the conference at least once. If you don’t feel ready to offer tips on approaching editors and submitting book proposals, don’t let that stop you. There are ways for you to help. I need a lot of buddies!

Is serving as a buddy time consuming?

Serving as a buddy mostly involves answering questions via e-mail, offering guidance as needed, and helping your first-timer feel welcome. Newbies are encouraged to step out and enjoy the conference once they arrive, so other than attending the Friday night Meet & Greet and checking in with your first-timer(s) partway through the weekend, serving will not interfere with your personal conference goals. Those who serve as buddies say that it is extremely rewarding and fun. Think of it as a way of giving back and offering someone else the encouragement and guidance that you needed as a newbie. To sign up as a buddy or find out more, e-mail me at

“Have I missed the deadline?”

I am matching first-timers with buddies this week, but you can still contact me after that. Even if you sign up for the conference at the last minute, feel free to e-mail me. While you might not have time to benefit from pre-conference mentoring, I have some helpful resources for you.

With all that the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference has to offer, how could coordinating a buddy program be one of your favorite parts?

A friend and I started the Buddy System several years ago as a way of giving back to the conference that had given us so much. It has been fun to watch the program grow and see God use it to form friendship and help writers gain confidence. It is especially exciting when former first-timers start serving as buddies.

So if you were a newbie last year, I would love to hear from you!

Tulips and Daffodils and Writers Conferences, Oh My!

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Writers Conferences are popping up everywhere—what’s a writer to do?


Join #FaithLitChat and get your questions answered!


Should you attend any of them?

Which one?


At what point in your writing career?

Which conference will best suit your individual needs?

And how, oh how, can you justify the expense?


#FaithLitChat, Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference’s first-ever Twitter chat is on for Thursday, February 23rd from 6-7pm PST. Aka: TOMORROW NIGHT!

Authors James Scott Bell, Mary DeMuth and a host of Christian Publishing pros (agents and editors included) will be available to discuss conference etiquette, tips and how-tos and answer your specific publishing questions. Plus… there will be PRIZES.


Join #FaithLitChat for a chance to win!!

A 15-minute phone consultation with literary agent Barbara Scott of WordServe Literary. Pitch your project or pick her brains—the choice is yours!

A 5-10 page (double spaced) non-fiction critique by author Jan Kern of the Mount Hermon critique team.

A 20 page (double spaced) fiction critique—and a free 30 minute follow-up conversation—with novelist Ginny Yttrup.

Plus, books, books, books and more!!


If you’ve never joined a Twitter chat before, do not despair. It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4-5

1)                     Log into your Twitter account

2)                     Go to

3)                     Click Sign In (the top right corner)

4)                     Click authorize app

5)                     At the top of the screen is a box labeled Enter Hashtag to Follow, type in FaithLitChat (# sign not necessary)

**To the right of each tweet are icons for Replying and Retweeting


It’s possible #FaithLitChat will become a regular event so be sure to tune in and give us your thoughts on future topics!


Sacred Ground or 7 Things I learned in my 17 Year Journey to Publication

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by Ginny L. Yttrup

Author GInny Yttrup

When I step onto the grounds of Mount Hermon this spring for the annual Christian Writers Conference, I’ll do so knowing I’m treading on sacred ground. It isn’t just the rich history of Christian ministry that’s taken place there over the last 100+ years—nor is it the grandeur of creation—the redwoods standing as sentries declaring the glory of God. Those are simply the backdrops against which God fulfills dreams dreamt in accordance with His will. And that, in my mind, is sacred territory.

20 years ago, I was a shy, insecure 30 year old with a husband and two toddlers back at home. I’d barely graduated from high school and hadn’t attended college, instead choosing to marry at 19. All I brought with me to that first writers conference was a dream. Lord, I’d love to be a writer, I’d confessed earlier that year.

Year after year, I returned to the conference. And year after year, my knowledge increased. Everything I now know about writing, I learned through the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference—knowledge garnered through the many workshops I attended or through the relationships I built.

When I reached 47 years of age, I was still dreaming the same dream. But now, the husband was gone, the toddlers were grown, and for the first time in my adult life I was staring at the daunting task of having to provide for myself, and my future. I was dependent on God as never before—which is a frightening, and oh so glorious position. It’s also sacred ground.

Two weeks into my new adventure with God, I received an email from my agent, Steve Laube, who I’d met through the conference. The email simply said, Call me. I was in transition, with my life crashing around me, and I’d neglected to give Steve my new phone number. I picked up the phone that morning and heard the news that God was finally fulfilling my dream. But not only fulfilling it, He was exceeding it.

By the time I hung up the phone, I’d verbally accepted a three-book offer with B&H Publishing Group. Not one book, but three, with advances, actual money, attached to each book. And, I’d be working with my dream editor, Karen Ball.

Just remembering that morning leaves me speechless all over again.

Last December, I signed a second three-book contract with B&H Publishing Group. While we all know writers don’t make enough to live on, I’ve lived the last two years working as a full-time author. I’m not sure how that’s worked, but I choose not to look at the numbers too often and instead trust that God is again exceeding my expectations.

Speaking of numbers, yes, it was 17 years before God fulfilled my dream. But those were not wasted years.

Here are a few things I learned along the way:

1)   If God has planted the seed of a dream in your heart, it will take root and flourish.

2)   God will equip and prepare you for the fulfillment of your dream.

3)   At some point, God will ask you to surrender your dream to Him. For the dream is never more important than the One who planted the dream.

4)   God acts in His time and His way, always with your best in mind.

5)   If you are chasing the will of God, you will encounter obstacles. Perseverance isn’t optional.

6)   God is in the business of doing exceedingly abundantly more than we expect.

7)   Exceedingly and Abundantly are ly adverbs and using ly adverbs breaks the rules of writing. It has something to do with telling versus showing.


Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory…

Ephesians 3:20-21 NKJV


I hope to see you walking the sacred ground of the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference this spring.

Ginny L. Yttrup is the author of Words and Lost and Found, both of which released to rave reviews. She is working to complete her third novel with B&H Publishing Group, and is contracted for three more after that. She is a child of God, mother, friend, and obsessive pet-lover. She attended her first Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference 20 years ago, when she was just 5 years old. 🙂


42 Days

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42 Days

Till you are bathed in Liz Curtis Higgs‘ encouragement and humor


42 Days

Till you are surrounded by God’s presence, His people, His creation


42 Days

Till you connect with major publishers and the industry’s most respected literary agents


42 Days

Till professional writers pour themselves into you and your manuscript


42 Days

Till you are fed, pampered and loved—dishes and laundry cease to exist


42 Days

Till you are one step closer to having your dreams come true


42 Days

Have you registered yet?



The Importance of Agents in Publishing

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Over the past years the importance of an agent representing the writer has increased geometrically.  Publishing houses depend more and more on agent recommendations and those who are successful have agents that work hard to get their names in front of acquisition teams.

This year at our  2012 Mount Hermon Writers Conference, EIGHT agents will be available to registrants, more than we’ve ever had.  Many have agented for multiple years and know the ropes well.  Janet Kobobel Grant, Steve Laube, Less Stobbe, Wendy Lawton, Diane Flegal have all been in the business for a long time and have well-known writers in their stables.  Karen Ball, Barbara Scott and Joel Kneedler have been in the publishing business for years and now have started agenting.  Their experience on both sides of the court is incredible.

Where else can you have access to so many agents in a limited space? Come get to know some of the best in the business and see what God will do with your writing through the connections available to you this year.  Check us out at  Hope to see you in March.

Liz Curtis Higgs to Keynote Writers

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Have you heard who’s speaking at our 2012 Mount Hermon Writers Conference?  Well known speaker and author, Liz Curtis Higgs, has accepted our invitation to keynote, March 30-April 3, 2012.  Learn more about her at

Liz will make you hold your sides with laughter, motivate you in your writing, and make you think about spiritual things in light of your projects, all in the same breath.  If she was the only thing scheduled, it would be worth it, but there’s going to be much more . . .

Since the industry has recently been affected by e-books and self-publishing on the internet, we’re going to put more of an emphasis on finding out what’s involved in this area.  Learn from Advanced e-book authors, James Scott Bell and Randy Ingermanson, some intermediate e-book gurus, and some who have just tried it recently and been successful.  We hope to hit every level of writer in the process so you know what you’re getting into if you think this is what you’d like to do. 

But we aren’t forgetting the value of our book houses and editors of magazines, either.  Check out our faculty listing on the web to see who will be here to instruct you in the traditional art of publication.  There are some great ones coming.

And this year we have EIGHT agents as well.  In the past years agents have been the avenue for most successful writers being signed to contracts.   Have you even considered this?  Do you have a project that would warrant talking with an agent?  It’s worth a try, isn’t it?  This is a great spot to have that chance for networking with industry people.

Of course, there are the other intangibles that make this conference worth it’s price . . . connecting with other writers and finding encouragement and support, gaining instruction from our 8 Major Morning Tracks and the 40 afternoon workshops, enjoying some wonderful food around tables of eight, taking a break for a soul refreshing hike on our Sequoia Trail, or meeting an editor or a friend in the Snack Shop for a good talk and some awesome homemade ice cream. 

Spring is a spectacular time of year in California, so don’t forget a camera to capture the incredible beauty of the towering redwoods, the splashes of color from the Dogwood trees, or Azaleas and Rhodedendrun bushes.  It’s one of the best places on earth at the end of March!!  Particularly if you’re from the Midwest or further East–get out of the snow and join us!

The website goes live tomorrow morning, 8:00 PTS.  We look forward to having you here!

Start Making Plans for Writers Conference

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There are only SEVEN more months before our 44th Annual Mount Hermon Writers Conference, March 30-April 3, 2012.  It’s going to be a doozey!  Is that a word?

Besides the normally wonderful parts of this conference–networking with other writers, getting to personally talk with book publishers, editors and agents–we’ll be pushing out a little, exploring alternative publishing with self-publishing, e-books etc.  Building on our past two years of instruction on marketing and doing publicity by social networking on the web, we’ll bring in experts to help you learn the how-to’s.

The need for great writing won’t be forgotten in the process, however.  You’ll have opportunity to learn from pros in the craft of writing, from Major Morning Tracks to optional hour long workshops in the afternoon.  Every level of  writer, be they beginning writer, intermediate or professional will have ample opportunity to learn a lot.

Liz Curtis Higgs

Liz Curtis Higgs

Our keynote speaker, Liz Curtis Higgs, is well known for her motivational, humorous teaching, as well as a great fiction writer with many books published.  You’ll get that extra “push” each evening, along with great worship led by Mount Hermon’s own incomparable Dave Talbott, Host of the conference.  Many say the evening sessions feed their souls like no other place on earth.

Great food in the dining room along with the awesome glory of the Redwoods and flowering trees in March will be the backdrop of an incredible experience.  Come join several hundred other writers and see what God has to teach you this year!

We’ll leave the light on for ya . . .

Rachel Williams
Director, Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference

Susanna Foth Aughtmon: My First Book Came Out of Mount Hermon

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Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference is one of my favorite places on earth.  It is like Disneyland for the writer except with less rides and more editors.  You will find everything you need to know about the craft of writing here, along with insight into the writing market and the opportunity to make fantastic friends.

It is because of Mount Hermon’s unique ability to connect writer to agent and editor that after a ten year writing journey, my first book, All I Need Is Jesus and A Good Pair Of Jeans:The Tired Supergirl’s Search for Grace came out in 2009. Each time I attended the conference I came away feeling enriched, built up and excited to write.

Susanna Foth Aughtmon is a pastor’s wife and mother of three boys. She graduated from Bethany University with a BA in Social Science emphasizing psychology and early childhood education. After pursuing various careers, including starting her own organizing business, she decided to stay home as a full time mom. She assists her husband, Scott, in various ministries at Pathway Church, their church plant, in Palo Alto, California.

Writers Conference Web Binder Ready to Download

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Writers conference is only a week and a half away!  Can it really be so close?  It takes all year to plan it, and 5 days to live it. Then it’s over for another year.  But don’t let me get ahead of myself. 

I just wanted to remind those of you who will be attending our conference this year that the binder is now on the website under “Forms”.  All the outlines for all the sessions are there, as well as the faculty photos and descriptions of their workshops.  Download everything you want in your own binder and bring it with you.  Or upload everything to your laptop and bring that with you to take notes on along side the outlines.  Unless you have the special pdf software that allows you to type on pdf’s, you’ll need to take notes on something other than the outlines if you bring the binder on your computer.  This is all in the hope of being good stewards of the beautiful trees in God’s gorgeous earth.  No more wasted paper and notebooks left after conference this way.

Can’t wait to have you here on campus, learning together and networking with each other.  We’ve got the lights on, and are looking for you!


The Digital Conference Binder is Up–No Foolin’!

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The Digital Conference Binder is now available for download for fully paid registrants.

It is recommended that you read through the information and print off only those pages that are of importance to your chosen workshops and tracks to bring to the conference. There will be a few complete sample binders in Hospitality for reference during the conference.

Or why not download the entire binder and bring your laptop to the conference. You can actually type in the workshop outlines anything you want out of the instruction in class on your battery charged computer. (Humorous aside, we lovingly call this BYOB . . . Bring Your Own Binder!)

Why Did I Go To Mount Hermon? By Pam Halter

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The leader of my writer’s group told us the Mount Hermon conference was THE conference to attend if we were serious about our writing. Many Christian writers got their start at this conference. When she attended, she heard from God so clearly about her writing and it jumpstarted her career. It was professional, the workshops were great, the setting beautiful.  I thought, yes, that’s for me!  Then she said Mount Hermon was in California and my heart sunk.  I live in New Jersey. I have a special needs daughter. We’re a single income family. How would I ever be able to do this?

It might sound a bit trite to say, well, if God wants you there, He will provide a way. But it’s true. As I was praying and wondering, someone gave me a full scholarship, including airfare, without my asking. Really! A friend remembered I wanted to attend and she told the person who offered the scholarship and they contacted me.  It took my breath away!  And a couple of friends volunteered to get my daughter on the school bus every morning.  I made my reservations and counted down the days.

Mount Hermon was everything I had been told. I learned more about the craft and business of writing, made friends, got encouragement and was even asked for my whole manuscript.  I’d like to say my career took off, but it didn’t. Not yet. God doesn’t waste anything and He confirmed my calling through the conference, so I’m persevering and waiting on His timing.

Someday, I’d like to get back out there.  In the meantime, I’m writing with confidence in what God is going to do through me.  I encourage all writers to work to attend this conference.  You will be glad you did.

Pam Halter was a home-schooling mom for nine years and has been a children’s book author since 1995. She has published picture books, articles and devotions and is trying her hand at writing YA fantasy.  Pam is a panelist on The Writer’s View 2, on staff for the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference, a member of two writer’s groups, and hosts a blog about writing fantasy. She has been a free-lance children’s book editor for three years and is the children’s editor for Fruitbearer Publishing. Pam lives in New Jersey with her husband, two daughters and three cats.

Don’t Miss Out on Your Free Pre-Conference Critiques!

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Any fully paid registrant may send the first 20 pages of two manuscripts or two articles, 2 children’s books or 5 poems or 3 devotionals ahead of the conference for either critiquing or editorial review. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Editorial review is by an editor of your choosing to see if your project is something he/she might be interested in for their company. It does not necessarily include critiquing.

Critiquing is done by published freelance writers, with years of expertise in your area of writing, who assess your work, offering concrete observations and advice. (If you’ve never been published, you should choose critiquing instead of editorial review.)

Proper formatting and mailing instructions can be found here. The Transmittal Form is here. All submissions must be in hard copy and must be postmarked by Saturday, April 9, 2011, and/or received at Mount Hermon at the latest Tuesday, April 12th.

You should also bring along several copies of your manuscripts–there may be a second opportunity for submitting mid-conference!

Rachel Marks: 2010 True Grit Award Winner

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Mt. Hermon was the first writer’s conference I ever went to and every year I get to go, it’s like going to my home away from home. The beautiful setting, the friendships, the classes, it feeds my writer’s soul and helps me grow in my craft.

You brainstorm, you connect, and you laugh. And missing it always feels like a huge loss. I’m so thankful to all those who take the time to make the camp such an enlightening and uplifting place.

Thank you, Mt. Hermon Writer’s staff for all you’ve done! I can’t say it enough.

Rachel Marks is an award-winning artist and writer of fantasy/science-fiction for young adults. She has had several short stories published (The Sword Review, Dragons, Knights, and Angels, and AlienSkin) and is attempting to publish her first novel. She worked to start-up the Inspirational Literary E-zine Haruah: Breath of Heaven and worked as managing editor while it got it’s feet planted. She is a member of SCBWI and was privileged to be accepted to and attend Orson Scott Card’s literary boot camp. In 2010 she was awarded the Lauren Beyenhof True Grit Award at the Mount Hermon Writer’s conference.

Mentoring Clinic and Career Track Applications Due Soon

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Can you believe it? There’s less than a month till the conference!

The Mentoring Clinics are held each day during the major morning tracks, are by application only & limited to ten writers per group. The goal is to give novelists and nonfiction writers concentrated time for having their works in progress critiqued in a knowledgeable, sympathetic, but realistic manner. This is an awesome opportunity!

DEADLINE for Mentoring Track application is March 18th.

To participate in the CAREER TRACK: for Professional Writers you must complete an application and meet specific criteria. The focus of the Career Track is book publishing, marketing, and career development. DEADLINE is March 18th.

A Life-Changing Experience

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I have attended two Mt Hermon conferences and would love to attend many more. God spoke to my heart while there in ways that have changed my life. He answered prayer in amazing and faith-affirming ways and opened doors of opportunity that gave me the confidence to pursue writing.

I’ve learned much, both from workshops and continuing tracks, to the times of worship, prayer and reflection. Mt Hermon is an amazing place filled with the unmistakable spirit and presence of the Lord, a place where you can’t help but be moved and inspired. I can’t believe how much a few days at Mt Hermon has shaped me as a writer. It has been a tremendous, life-changing experience for me.

Camille is an avid Christian novelist/writer and takes her faith-inspiring fiction seriously enough to lock herself away with a computer more than her family would like. They’ve learned that Lasagne from a box is not from the devil, after all, and that duct tape can stop a surprising amount of bleeding. She is represented by Rachelle Gardner of WordServe Literary Group.

TEEN TRACK DISCOUNT for Writers Conference

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It’s a month away from Writers Conference and we are attempting to encourage more teenagers to attend.  What an incredible experience it would be for any teen who loves to write to have the privilege to learn the craft of writing in a setting like Mount Hermon!  So here’s the deal . . .

We’re offering a one time 50% discount of all conference costs for any teen who would be participating in the Teen Track.  This does not include travel or fun costs once here, but any conference charges, including tuition, housing and food.  The process would be the same for registration . . . register on-line at, and in the comment box, mark it TEEN TRACK writer, and ask for a campership form.  From there we’ll handle the working out of the details.

Do you know any teen that loves to write and just needs a little encouragement financially?  Spread the word!  You’ll be happy you did . . . and I can promise you THEY will be!

Writers Tip #6: “Write good dialogue,” she said.

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I just got a message from an excited writer eager to tell me all about the novel she’s writing.  “My greatest fear was writing the dialogue,” she wrote. “I was afraid I couldn’t make it realistic enough. But I stumbled onto a secret. I’m hiding my digital recorder in the house so I can capture real talk and copy it!”

Um… uh-uh. 

See, the aim isn’t really to write real talk.  In real talk, we say such things as: 

“Hey, guess what! I just got back from the… what’s it called? Um… oh, I hate getting old!  That place where we had your brother’s birthday deal, remember?  Over by that apple place?  Anyhoo, I thought I saw Micky there.  So funny after what happened that other time.  Last year, you know… You were there. It was so hot and windy and that funny guy who sells the….” 

No, the aim is to give the illusion of real talk while you actually accomplish something important such as moving your story forward or revealing a character or showing an incident rather than simply telling about it.  The illusion of dialogue might say something like:

“Hey, I just got back from Gray’s Farm. I thought I saw Micky, but after what happened last year, it can’t be!”

Writing good dialogue is an art. (Okay, that dialogue isn’t so good, but you get the idea.)  If you write your dialogue well, it will add great strength to your work—non-fiction as well as fiction.

Kay Marshall Strom
Recent Releases:
  In the Presence of the Poor: Changing the Face of India
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  Forgotten Girls: Stories of Hope and Courage
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