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...developing the inner life

Echo is a two week camp experience for students entering 10th–12th grades (9th–10th at Kidder) dedicated to helping them discover what it means to live the resounding life of abiding in Jesus. During the program students will be a vital part of an authentic community focused on two key areas: practicing classic spiritual disciplines and serving alongside one another all with the goal of knowing Jesus at a deeper level. Students will explore what it means to live out their faith in a tangible way on a daily basis as they discover rhythms of encountering Jesus that will leave a lasting impact. Echo is an opportunity for students to explore what Jesus declares in John 15, “…apart from me you can do nothing.”


  • Students will practice classic spiritual disciplines such as prayer, solitude and silence, service and simplicity.
  • Students will live together in an authentic, loving and transformational Biblical community of approximately 16 students.
  • Students will serve Mount Hermon’s Family Camp through the practice of quiet, humble and others-centered service.
  • Students will experience the impact that abiding in Jesus has on their identity through the study of Scripture.
  • Students will be prepared to live a life of abiding in Jesus beyond the camp experience.





Natalie Loo photo

Natalie Loo

2015 & 2016 Echo Participant

"This year was my second year attending Echo but my 14th consecutive year coming to Mount Hermon. Out of all the years I have attended family camp, I strongly believe that Echo helped me grow one step closer to Jesus..."

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2016 Echo Participant

"You're able to go into this community where everyone loves God and is just trying to build each other up to be able to get closer to him and to just be able to connect with people."


2016 Echo Participant

"I think that the Echo program is a really great experience. I just love that I could learn to live the abiding life. It's a great experience to learn how to pray and obey God."


2016 Echo Participant

"The connections that people have made exceeded my expectations a lot. I didn't think that we'd be so connected and bonding so much through everything and it has been really cool."