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Thank You For Being a Part of Lives Transformed!

It is no coincidence that Kidder Creek is positioned in one of the most beautiful places in our nation. Your support of this ministry is making a significant impact for the Kingdom as youth and adults experience God in the midst of His creation.


“Natasha got a lot more clarity on the gospel and what it means to be a Christian (even though she is in a church youth group.) When I got her from the bus, she was so excited! She had made so many friends and had such a good time. It truly does begin to reflect the body of Christ where there are no divisions of race and class. For someone with her background and home situation, camp is a confidence builder for her. It gives her experiences she would otherwise never have.”

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“I thought it was epic! We shredded more gnar than even possible and also we learned about Jesus. I'm kinda speechless.”

Please Consider Giving Financially

The ministry of Kidder Creek is dependent on generous financial gifts. These gifts translate into opportunities to create programs and partner with churches and organizations to be able to share and model Jesus in ways that result in lives transformed.

I'll give to impact generations.

“Something that I have really been struggling with over the past year is knowing what it means to really accept Jesus into your heart. I have grown up in a Christian family and I’ve always had faith in my life, so I never really understood what that meant. I had so many questions. I now know what that means. I know what I need to do. That has made a difference in my life.”


Your Gift Will Impact Generations for Generations

We look forward to the next year of this legacy that is Kidder Creek. We always have and will always be about one thing: Lives Transformed. This is the foundation that has been laid so the work can continue to minister to generations for generations.

I'll give to impact generations.

A note from Andy

Andy Warken

Andy Warken

Dear Kidder Creek Family,

I LOVE camp! Only at camp do you witness radical life transformation in such a short span of time. God uses Kidder Creek each summer in such cool ways to be a part of kid’s lives and see them grow closer to Jesus. I was reminded of this when we met Hector this summer. Hector came to Kidder Creek with Camp Hope and then was invited to come back to a wilderness camp later in the summer. We got to witness Hector become a Christ-follower that week. Stories like Hector’s make me so happy to be a part of a ministry where lives transform in significant ways! As you may know, Kidder Creek is unlike any other camp. It’s the unique experience campers have that fuels my excitement.

adventures in creation

In a world full of distractions, Kidder Creek has been set aside to allow campers to engage in powerful conversations in the middle of God’s beautiful creation. Jesus often took his disciples into the mountains, lakes, and rivers and used that backdrop and experience to teach. We do the same.

Uncompromised Biblical Teaching

In the midst of a culture that has strayed from biblical truth, Kidder Creek continues holding fast to an unwavering commitment to the Truth and Authority of God’s Word. The Bible unapologetically remains our foundation, and I am committed to keeping strong biblical teaching, which is Spirit-filled, as the cornerstone of the Kidder Creek experience for everyone.

Lives Transformed

Lives Transformed is what we are all about. We are driven by the desire to join with the Holy Spirit to see campers take steps closer to Jesus. 

Will you join with me to ensure that Kidder Creek will be able to minister to generations for generations? Please prayerfully consider a generous year-end financial gift. I believe the Lord will use your generous gift to strengthen Kidder Creek’s far-reaching ministry. Together, we will continue to witness Lives Transformed!

With gratefulness and love,

Andy Warken Signature

P.S. To enjoy the full tax benefit for 2017, please make your gift by December 31.

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Please consider giving
financially this year-end.

I'll give to impact
generations for generations.