Tonight’s story is unique and calls for
a different kind of introduction.

Dear friends,

Since 1985, families and guest groups have been coming as they do every season for the last 32 years.​As the world marched ahead, the Lakeside 500 rooms remained frozen in time. Seemingly locked in a permanent distant past. The demand for all our lodging is great, meaning these rooms are in constant use. This dimension of time has not been gentle.​ You have just entered the Lakeside Zone.​

Tonight’s story is unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. To fully grasp the peculiarity, you must allow yourself to go through the door to your imagination. In your imagination, you will encounter a dimension of sound, a dimension of light, a dimension of time. You have just entered the Lakeside Zone.


Mount Hermon’s lodging serves a much bigger purpose than an average hotel room. Guest rooms provide the much-needed place and time for families to connect—to share stories of their experiences at camp. Sometimes they simply provide the quiet moments adults attending a retreat may be missing from their everyday lives.


"I am here with my two daughters attending family camp. Each night we went through the lessons in the family devotional book together. It was such a pleasure to hear my daughters share real answers, even my four-year-old. She got it! As the head of our household, it gave me ideas on how I can lead my family for the whole year. Thank you!"

Imagine if you will

Imagine this mother and her daughters sitting on their beds in Lakeside Lodge sharing this sacred moment. Moments like this happen thousands of times each year. Yet time, along with wear and tear, have created some distractions in these rooms.


This May, a 40 member, highly skilled, construction crew will work double shifts for seven days to transform all 20 rooms of Lakeside 500! This project will not only transform rooms—it will also transform lives! 

This is where we need you! 

The construction crew, as fantastic as they are, will not be able to transform Lakeside on their own. With the labor donated, we are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. To ensure we finish this project before Family Camps begin, we still need over $450,000 for materials by April 22. Would you prayerfully consider a generous gift to help fund this ministry project? 

I thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration! Your gift will restore these spaces, and enable people to encounter Jesus in unique and life transforming ways.

For King and Kingdom,

 J.R. Loofbourrow
Vice President of Advancement

P.S. At the beginning of May, the Lakeside 500s will be pulled offline in order to begin the preparation for construction. Your gift by April 22nd will ensure the materials and supplies are here and ready to go when the crew arrives!​