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Cabin Remodel Exterior Render
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Cabin Remodel Interior Render
Redwood Camp Fun
Current Cabins photo 1
Cabin Remodel Exterior Render
Redwood Camp Devotions
Cabin Remodel Interior Render

Redwood Camp is home to Mount Hermon’s Summer Children’s Ministry, leading thousands of kids toward transformative encounters with Jesus every year.

For the next decades of ministry, we need to renew Redwood Camp to better support the program and transform the camper experience. This will include:

  • Building five new cabins (two of which will be ADA accessible)
  • A floor-to-ceiling remodel of all current cabins
  • The addition of a half-bath for each cabin
  • Complete remodel of both bathhouses
  • Dining hall expansion and other projects that create more usable space

Update 03.29.19

The theme of rain continues! In March, we have had 17 days of rain so far which, as you can imagine, has presented challenges. Progress continues, however, and this morning they are pouring the final cabin foundation (for one of the new ADA accessible cabins). Framing is almost complete on the cabins, and many have plywood siding and are ready for roofs. Please continue to pray for good weather and speedy work. Also, please join us on Saturday, May 11 for our Redwood Camp Cabins Dedication!
cabin siding
cabin framing
pouring cabin foundation

Update 02.18.19

We are grateful for a break in the rain this week! This is allowing us to continue work on the roofs, and we are hoping to pour the final foundation this week. Our next steps are to complete the new roofs, weatherproof, and add siding to the new cabins!
cabin framing
cabin roofs
cabin addition

Update 01.11.19

The word of the month is: Rain! We are excited to see several of the new cabins framed as well as the final foundations poured, but it's tough to do construction with as much rain as we have had in the last couple of weeks. Please continue to pray that the weather would be favorable. As construction on the new cabins up by Victory Circle continues, we are also working on rebuilding the roofs on the lower cabins, getting ready for the addition of the half-baths!
wet foundation
muddy job site
wet lumber

Update 12.01.18

The underground utilities have been completed and trenches have been re-filled! The foundations of the new cabins have been poured, and several of the existing cabins have been rotated to their new positions. Framing of the new cabins should begin in the next few weeks, weather permitting. Please continue to pray for good weather. We need the rain, but would love for it to happen only between 5:00 pm on Fridays and 12:00 on Sundays.
Framing foundations
Framing walls
Job site
New foundation and framing
Cutting rebar

Update 11.15.18

We have received our permit from the county and work is moving full speed ahead. We have begun trenching for new underground utilities, doing demo work on the roofs of cabins, and digging out the foundations for the new cabins. Please pray for favorable weather as well as unity among the contractor and subcontractors who are coordinating a very complex schedule.
Digging trenches
Filling trenches
Foundation trenches

Thank You!

Thank you to the hundreds of families who have given generously to make the Redwood Camp Renewal possible. We still need your help!

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