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Meet Jim and Jason and learn how you can be a blessing by helping to repair staff housing.

We know one of the most valuable resources we have is our staff, so loving and caring for them is among our highest priorities.

A challenge Mount Hermon has been facing for a number of years is the rising cost of housing in our area. A recent study found that Santa Cruz County is the fourth least-affordable place to live in the world when comparing wages to housing prices. Finding reasonably-priced housing is becoming harder and harder for our staff. 

Because of this Mount Hermon seeks to provide affordable staff housing to as many of our employees as we can. This not only blesses our staff and their families but enables them to make a longer-term investment in the ministry. Mount Hermon owns a number of cabins that are used for this purpose. Unfortunately, many of these cabins are in need of repair.

Some of the urgently needed staff housing repairs

  • 2
    roofs that are leaking

  • 4
    units in need of new windows

  • 4
    septic tanks that are failing

  • 3
    bathrooms that need remodeling

  • +
    several homes that need electRical, flooring, exterior doors, and repairs to prevent leaking and mold

    I'll give to repair staff housing.


    Jim Cone - Facilities

    “Having a home on property means security. It's one less thing I have to worry about when focusing on the task at hand.”

    Watch Jim's Story


    Jason Starr - Audio Visual

    “I love the peace I feel working here. Meagan and I believe this is the perfect place to raise our family.”

    Watch Jason's Story


Your Gift enables them to best serve thousands of guests.

To complete the most critical staff housing projects, we need $132,000. Would you prayerfully consider a generous gift, a gift that will directly bless the lives of our hardworking staff?

As you have experienced, our staff is the heartbeat of Mount Hermon. Your gift will bless them and their families while filling their tanks, which enables them to best serve the thousands He brings to Mount Hermon each year.

P.S. If we receive your gift by April 15 we will have enough time to renovate the cabin for Jason’s family and get him moved in before the busy summer season.

I'll give to repair staff housing.


Thank you so very much for your faithful support!