Roger Williams

Roger Williams


Roger believed in the future of Mount Hermon.

Roger faithfully served as the President and CEO from September, 1993 until September, 2014, when he went home to be with the Lord. He succumbed to complications from the cancer that he called “his insidious dance partner.” Despite his pain, he handled the choreography with grace and transparency. His courage, cheer and selflessness made an indelible impression on thousands of people.
Roger will be remembered for his many personal and professional accomplishments, but mostly he will be remembered for how he loved Jesus and loved people. We gratefully honor Roger and glorify God, who blessed us with his friendship and leadership. We thank the Lord that he allowed Roger to serve as our visionary and capable leader for more than twenty years.
On October 26 we had a wonderful celebration of his life and legacy. If you would like to share in that celebration, below are the October 26 celebration and Video tribute, as well as many of Roger's sermons and messages



A Tribute to Roger Williams


Memorial Celebration

Recorded live at Mount Hermon, October 26, 2014

Photo Slideshow

Moments from Roger's professional & personal life


Roger's Sermons & Messages

The Blame Virus1 of 1Thanksgiving Conference1993-11-26
Christmas Amnesia1 of 1Christmas Concert Sunday Worship1993-12-12
The Healing Words of the Gospel1 of 1All Comers1994-02-20
When You Care Enough to Give the Very Best1 of 1 1994-05-08
Faithful Under Pressure1 of 1Helping Holiday1994-06-12
God's Pattern for Success1 of 1Adult Sunday School1994-06-19
God's Gift of Glory Ps 81 of 1Adult Sunday School1994-06-26
God's Revelation of Himself Ps 191 of 1Adult Sunday School1994-07-03
God's Gift of Joy Ps 321 of 1Adult Sunday School1994-07-10
God's Gift of Forgiveness Ps 511 of 1Adult Sunday School1994-07-17
God's Gift of Hope Ps 141 of 1Adult Sunday School1994-07-24
God's Gift of Rest1 of 1Adult Sunday School1994-07-31
God's Gift of Remembering Ps 771 of 1Adult Sunday School1994-08-07
Delight Yourself in the LORD1 of 1Sunday Worship1994-08-14
God's Gift of Mercy1 of 1Adult Sunday School1994-08-21
The Doctrine of Propitiation1 of 5Family Camp1994-08-22
The Doctrine of Redemption2 of 5Family Camp1994-08-23
The Doctrine of Reconciliation3 of 5Family Camp1994-08-24
Invasion of the Grace Snatchers4 of 4Family Camp1994-08-25
The Doctrine of Imputation4 of 5Family Camp1994-08-25
The Blame Game5 of 5Family Camp1994-08-26
God's Gift of Salvation1 of 1Adult Sunday School1994-08-28
What Every Woman Really Wants From a Man1 of 1Men's Conference1994-12-03
The Influence of Just One1 of 1Mothers Day Sunday Worship1995-05-14
God's Gift of Choice-Ps 21 of 1Adult Sunday School1995-07-05
God's Gift of Faith-Ps 131 of 1Adult Sunday School1995-07-12
God's Gift of Satisfaction-Ps 631 of 1Adult Sunday School1995-07-26
Invasion of the Grace Snatchers1 of 4Family Camp1995-08-21
Invasion of the Grace Snatchers2 of 4Family Camp1995-08-22
Invasion of the Grace Snatchers3 of 4Family Camp1995-08-24
Christ in You, the Hope of Glory1 of 1Sunday Worship1995-08-27
The Blame Virus1 of 1 1995-09-20
The Pharisee and the Tax Collector1 of 1Adult Sunday School1996-08-04
Portrait Of The Father's Heart 1 of 3Family Vacation Special 21996-08-12
Portrait Of The Father's Heart2 of 3Family Vacation Special 21996-08-13
Portrait Of The Father's Heart3 of 3Family Vacation Special 21996-08-14
The Great Banquet1 of 1Adult Sunday School1996-08-18
Come Near1 of 1Sunday Worship1996-08-25
Galatians – Avoiding the Quicksand1 of 2All Comers1997-02-15
Galatians – Positive Personal Growth2 of 1All Comers1997-02-16
Putting the Extra in Ordinary1 of 1Sunday Worship1997-06-08
My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone1 of 1Sunday Worship1997-08-10
Authentic Intimacy With God1 of 3Family Camp1997-08-25
Authentic Intimacy With God2 of 3Family Camp1997-08-26
Authentic Intimacy With God3 of 3Family Camp1997-08-28
Signposts from Psalms-Ps 731 of 2Thanksgiving Family Camp1997-11-28
Signposts from Psalms-Ps 272 of 2Thanksgiving Family Camp1997-11-29
God's Gift of Oneness-Ps 1331 of 1Adult Sunday School1998-08-02
God's Gift of Sovereignty-Ps 961 of 1Adult Sunday School1998-08-16
A Mother's Translation1 of 1Mothers Day Sunday Worship1999-05-09
Positive Personal Growth 1 of 1Sunday Worship1999-06-13
Parables With a Punch 1 of 1Sunday Adult School1999-06-20
Creating Sanctuary1 of 1CCI Sierra Pacific Sectional2000-03-07
The Mark of a Christian1 of 1Helping Holiday2000-06-11
Names of God - Adonai1 of 23Names of God2000-06-25
Names of God3 - Yahweh Rophe2 of 23Names of God2000-07-09
Names of God - Yahweh Rohi3 of 23Names of God2000-08-06
Names of God - El Roi4 of 23Names of God2000-08-11
Names of God - El Elyon5 of 23Names of God2000-08-13
What's Most Important1 of 1Sunday Worship2000-08-27
What's Most Important1 of 1Sunday Worship2000-08-27
Is the Bible Reliable1 of 3Family Camp2000-09-02
Does Science Disprove a Creator2 of 3Family Camp2000-09-03
Is Jesus Unique Divine and the Only Way3 of 3Family Camp2000-09-04
Examining Scripture - Facts vs Fiction1 of 1All Comers2001-02-17
Names of God - Yaweh M Kaddesh7 of 23Names of God2001-07-15
Names of God - Hua8 of 23Names of God2001-07-21
Names of God - Yahweh Shammah9 of 23Names of God2001-07-22
Names of God - Elohim10 of 23Names of God2001-07-23
Names of God - Yahweh Jehovah11 of 23Names of God2001-07-24
Names of God - El Shaddai12 of 23Names of God2001-07-26
Names of God - Yahweh Nissi13 of 23Names of God2001-07-29
Names of God - Yaweh Sabaoth14 of 23Names of God2001-08-05
The God Who Is More Than Enough1 of 1Sunday Worship2001-08-26
Names of God - Yawh Tzidkenu15 of 23Names of God2001-08-26
Getting a Grip Romans 81 of 2Thanksgiving Family Camp2001-11-23
Getting a Grip Romans 82 of 2Thanksgiving Family Camp2001-11-24
How God Sees Me 2 of 2Thanksgiving Family Camp2001-11-26
Christmas Focus1 of 1Sunday Worship2001-12-16
Names of God - El Olam16 of 23Names of God2002-08-04
Finding Peace in Perilous Times1 of 1Sunday Worship2002-08-18
Parables of Grace1 of 4Family Camp2002-08-19
Parables of Grace2 of 4Family Camp2002-08-20
Parables of Grace3 of 4Family Camp2002-08-22
Parables of Grace4 of 4Family Camp2002-08-23
Names of God - EL17 of 23Names of God2003-07-13
Names of God - Yahweh Shalom18 of 23Names of God2003-07-20
Names of God - Yahweh Hoseenu19 of 23Names of God2003-07-27
God is At Work1 of 1Sunday Worship2003-08-03
Forgiveness1 of 2Family Camp2003-08-04
Forgetting2 of 2Family Camp2003-08-05
Ups and Downs of Life3 of 3Family Camp2003-08-08
Ruthless Trust1 of 1Sunday Worship2004-07-11
Names of God - Yaweh Makkeh20 of 23Names of God2004-07-20
David-Up Close and Personal1 of 3Family Camp2004-07-26
David-Up Close and Personal2 of 3Family Camp2004-07-27
David-Up Close and Personal3 of 3Family Camp2004-07-28
Loving1 of 1Sunday Worship2004-08-29
Names of God - Yahweh Jireh6 of 23Names of God2005-07-01
Broken Past to Bright Future1 of 1Sunday Worship2005-07-17
David's Last Song1 of 1Sunday Worship2005-08-21
Our Position Before God1 of 3Family Camp2005-08-22
Our Perspective on Suffering2 of 3Family Camp2005-08-23
Our Promise of Forever Love3 of 3Family Camp2005-08-24
Names of God - Ab Abba Pater21 of 23Names of God2005-08-28
David-Broken Past Bright Future1 of 1Family Camp2005-08-29
Hope When It Hurts1 of 2Labor Day Family2005-09-03
Proactive Love2 of 2Labor Day Family2005-09-04
When You Feel Unloved and Unlovable1 of 1 2006-06-18
Surviving The Cave Times1 of 1 2006-07-16
When God Says No1 of 1 2006-07-23
Flourishing Through the Ups and Downs of Life1 of 1 2006-07-30
Gods Wallet Photo of You1 of 4Family Camp2006-08-14
Gods Wallet Photo of You2 of 4Family Camp2006-08-15
Gods Wallet Photo of You3 of 4Family Camp2006-08-17
Gods Wallet Photo of You4 of 4Family Camp2006-08-18
Imputation1 of 1 2006-08-27
Names of God - Jesus22 of 23Names of God2007-07-08
CSI-Heaven1 of 4Family Camp2007-07-16
Portrait of the Father's Heart4 of 4Family Camp 52007-07-16
CSI-Heaven2 of 4Family Camp2007-07-17
CSI-Heaven3 of 4Family Camp2007-07-19
CSI-Heaven4 of 4Family Camp2007-07-20
Names of God - Immanuel23 of 23Names of God2007-08-12
Ruthless Trust1 of 1Sunday Worship2008-07-20
Extreme Makeover Romans 81 of 4Family Camp 92008-08-11
Extreme Makeover Romans 82 of 4Family Camp 92008-08-12
Extreme Makeover Romans 83 of 4Family Camp 92008-08-14
Extreme Makeover Romans 84 of 4Family Camp 92008-08-15
The God Who Is More Than Enough1 of 1Sunday Worship2009-07-12
Portrait of the Father's Heart1 of 4Family Camp 52009-07-13
Portrait of the Father's Heart2 of 4Family Camp 52009-07-14
Portrait of the Father's Heart3 of 4Family Camp 52009-07-16
The Selfish Son & the Prodigal Father1 of 2Labor Day Family2009-09-05
Children Not Servants2 of 2Labor Day Family2009-09-06
Story Matters Here Mount Hermon Prayer Stories1 of 4Family Camp 62010-07-19
Jesus Prayer Story-Its So Encouraging Luke 11 5-82 of 4Family Camp 62010-07-20
Jesus Prayer Story-Attitude Hampers Altitude Luke 18 9-143 of 4Family Camp 62010-07-20
Jesus Prayer Story-Keep on Keeping On Luke 18 1-84 of 4Family Camp 62010-07-23
Facing Giants1 of 1Sunday Worship2010-08-01
Joseph Who1 of 1Sunday Worship2010-12-19
How God Sees Me1 of 2Thanksgiving Family Camp2011-11-25
CSI Heaven – Hell2 of 2All Comers2012-02-19
Saturday Morning Devotion1 of 1Associates In Ministry2013-05-11
Grace Discovered Our Identity in Christ1 of 3Family Camp 42013-07-08
Grace Discovered-Our Identity in Christ1 of 3Family Camp 42013-07-08
Grace Discovered-Our Source of Grace1 of 3Family Camp 42013-07-09
Grace Discovered Our Source of Grace2 of 3Family Camp 42013-07-09
Grace Discovered-Our Unleashing of Grace2 of 3Family Camp 42013-07-11
From the Depths to Delight1 of 1Sunday Worship2014-07-20
A Prodigal Love1 of 3Family Camp 82014-08-04
A Prodigal Love2 of 3Family Camp 82014-08-05
A Prodigal Love3 of 3Family Camp 82014-08-08